Spiderman ain't got shit-all on me!


JL Codename: Wyldwood

Birth Name: Wylde, Aaron Russell

Gender: Male

Height: 5', 5"

Weight: 185 lbs.


WayneTech's custom combat exo-suit, Wyld Stinger

Age: 26

DoB: 6/27

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Black

Skin Color: Black (fur)

Occupation: Musician, Super Hero, Student

Nationality: American

PoB: Decatur, Georgia, USA

Hobbies: Singing, Playing Guitar, Anime, Comic Collecting, Video Games

Weapons: Bows, Pistols, Katars

Associations: Justice League, Faithless Saints

Powers and Abilities Edit

The Exobyte that found Aaron Wylde contained the genetic data of an extraterrestrial named Cernunnos. Wyldwood's body can now produce pollen and various concentrated toxins. He's able to cause extreme eruptions of floral life and even shapeshift into various beasts. He finds himself strangely attuned to plants and animals, and can even interpret their emotions. All of his senses have been heightened to immeasurable levels and he often displays strong predatory instincts. He is a master hunter and tracker as well as a skilled martial artist and archer.

Ol' Llaxy isn't a big fan of mine when I make my body fully floral. His little head games don't work if you're physically incapable of feeling fear.


I ate like, thirty eight burritos or something like that. Bad idea... Not one bathroom on all of Qward! Not one! WTF?


While I wait for my team to get their butts in gear, I'll go post in one of my lurking spots. With the exobyte crisis and all, there are new "heroes" coming through everyday. You hear all kinds of (weired) "conversations" and there's usually a good fight.

Personal Info Edit

I'll get to it eventually.

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