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Agent Whitehawk [EUPS3]

A devout agent of A.R.G.U.S, Jack Masters retired as a metahuman super-spy on the day of his assumed death at the hands of Brainiac's abduction forces. Now working in secret under the alias of "Whitehawk", Jack can be seen soaring through Gotham and Metropolis tracking down and fending off new villains alongside the independent ARGUS Military Task Force and the Justice League.

Official Character BioEdit

Alias: Whitehawk, Agent Masters
True Name: Jack Masters
Species: Metahuman
Eyes: Ice Blue
Skin: White (British)
Weapons: Archery, Martial Arts, Pistols, One Handed Combat
Affiliation: Justice League, formerly A.R.G.U.S.
Unusual Features: None


DC Universe Online 32
LGA-P1 Suit

Designed by Jack's close friend, Dr. Elizabeth "Eliza" Anderson, the Lightweight Graviton Archer suit is designed to give the wearer unparallelled comfort and friction resistance and enable heightened gravitational resistance, granting Whitehawk enhanced jump height and distance.

G.H.O.S.T ArmourEdit

Graviton Hunter's Optical Stealth and Tactical Armour - rather purposefully formed to the acronym of GHOST - is another battlesuit designed for Whitehawk by Dr. Anderson. This battlesuit focuses on both the weightlessness and dexterity of the LGA-P1 but also impliments toggleable optical stealth metatechnology to allow full-body cloaking. Eliza promised to also implement a nano-molecular fasing feature to allow Whitehawk to walk through walls for espionage, but the feature was never completed before she went missing. This armour was based of Ghost [aka Phantasm] from Marvel Comics' Thunderbolts.

Marksman OutfitEdit

Whitehawk's Marksman costume was designed from a template. He created this template himself during his first ever A.R.G.U.S mission where he was sent to a jungle in Africa by an unorthodox trainee overseer and forced to craft weapons and protection to survive. Due to a small bit of know-how aquired by a friend, Whitehawk was able to fashion a modern version of this hooded outfit when he returned home.

Militant CostumeEdit

This low-tech casual uniform is worn by Whitehawk as Agent Masters. The Militant Costume has no tech-enhancements or special purpose and is usually worn with dual pistols to hide Masters' profession in archery to lower suspicion form low-clearence operatives and outside individuals.