“I understand now. I won't kill Lars Alpha... but I need to fix what he has broken.”


Super name: Superman

Real name: Valel

Race: Hybrid Clone


Other aliases: Superman-X, Future Superman, Superhybrid, The Man of Tomorrow, Clone of Steel, Black Superman, 

PSX-00 (Project Superhybrid Xperiment),

Alignment: Hero

Marital Status: Married

Known Relatives: Superman Prime (aka. Kal-El, forefather of the 20th and 21st century), and various other Supermen throughout time

Group affiliation: Codex Force, Trinity of Scion, Scion of the Superman Dynasty, Justice Legion Alpha, The Superman Squad (consisting of Supermen throughout the eras) and Multiversity

Base Of Operations: STAR Labs, Justice Legion Alpha Headquarters, Justice League Headquarters.

Height: 6‘5” 

Weight: 225 lbs. 

Age : Unknown 

Eyes: Blue 

Hair: Black 

Abilities Primary Roles: Commando, Ravager, Controller

Kryptonian DNA (Superman)

Terminan DNA (Icon)

Absorb Solar Energy from the Sun 

Telekinesis Powers

Telekinetic Bolt



Thought Bubble

Mass Levitation

Telekinetic Shield 

Weapons: Brawler/Martial Arts

Movement: Super-Speed, Super-Flight

Combat Style: Super-Strength, Brawling

Evolved Kryptonian Powers 

Force Vision 

Telepathy (Psychic connection with Galatea Lightning) 

Extrasensory Perception

Kryptonite Immunity

Red Sun Immunity


Valel is hybrid clone of two past hero’s. Created by S.T.A.R. Labs, 75 years in the future in order to help fight new evil; “Phantom Twins”. Valel possess enhance genetics from past Justice League hero's, “Icon” Terminan DNA mix with Krytonian DNA from “Superman” giving him Telekinesis and Krytonian powers. These two heroes were the only ones left in Genetic Matrix Lab after Lars Alpha nearly destroyed the lab. After ten years, project “Clone of Steel” was born. His code name is, PSX-00 (Project Superhybrid Xperiment). He’s tall and dark skinned like Icon, but has blue eyes like Superman. He spent three months learning how to control his powers. Apposing no match against Phantom Twins power, Valel teamed up with rebel leader, Galatea. Together, they created, “Codex Force” hyper dimensional portal into Phantom Zone; sealing Phantom Twins since they’re too powerful of an opponent. On the day of victory for earth, they were known as Codex Force for hope and justice. Valel and Galatea had fallen in love, later took command of Justice League Alpha in order to create Scion of Supermen. 

After eight years of peace, Valel , Galatea, and their son, Jin Konel traveled back in time to meet the original Superman. Superman was pleased to meet the heroes from the future, however while they were gone to the past; the Phantom Twins plotted their escape to rule over the planet by stealing Brainiac’s exobytes to create their own army to fight against Valel and Scion of Supermen. When Valel and his family return home, they discovered Phantom Twins had escaped Phantom Zone. Upon their escape they used hero’s Zeta Tube; traveling back were Valel and his family meet Superman. Since Valel and Galatea are the only ones that can stop them, they went after them through Zeta Tube. Valel left his son in care of his Supreme Lieutenant, Raikage. Galatea gave her son kiss and told him to be strong while they’re gone. Jin Konel hug both his parents in tears, with smiles on their faces they said good bye to their son and heroes of “Scion of Supermen”. Once they made it through Zeta Tube, they were captured by Brainiac ship and held as prisoners.

<New Area of Hope is Born>

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