Who are we Edit


Starshiptroopers is a league on the USXBOX server on pve and pvp we are a league who can help our members any way possible. For further information please ask our leader Shiva or one of our members. You can send a tell message or through ingame mail. You may find me on USXBOX pve Watchtower where i hang out.

Fictional league history Edit

Starshiptroopers league started when the brainiac invasion began its goal is to find powerful heroes around the galaxy, from earth to the alternate timeline to different periods of time. The league is started by Shiva who is a super hero from the alternate future timeline. Troopers are sent out to diffrent places, galaxies, timeline, and even dimensions hoping to find new heroes to fight the brainiac war. Troopers are also sent out to do different operations like operation black dawn and operation family reunion. Troopers also have their own post to take guard of and protect the innocent. The league had many allies including the justice league and the green lantern corps.

requirements Edit

We are an active league recruiting on the USxbox server on PVE and PVP. If u are a low level we may invite you although we recommend you to level 30 so we can invite you to raids and alerts because we don't want members to feel left out. You may contact shivaother members if you are on the USXBOX PVE.

ranks Edit

our rank is based on the combat rating of your PVE and PVP gear

MHQS103 AUDIO-PC-23-08.45.340

Shiva420, our leader

MHQS103 AUDIO-PC-23-09.09.230

reddevilscorpion, second in command

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