Real Name: Classified

Faction: Hero

Alias: Rosaeo

Power: Nature, Flight

Mentor: Superman

Race: Human (Metahuman

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 175 Lbs.

Preferred weapon: Fists, feet (Martial arts user)

Biography Edit

Born in Missouri, Rosaeo loved her parents and friends, admired her best friend from afar (Who would later become her husband and father of her children), and had a happy life. The Brainiac attack didn't effect her much at first, as she was somewhat safe in her isolated hometown. However, when the love of her life appeared on her doorstep, almost dead after a fight against brainiac, and Lex Luthor from the future standing above him, Rosaeo awakened her affinity to nature, and healed her friend. Soon after, the pair would team up, allying with good, and the JLA. After becoming a JLA member, Arozel (her best friend, and boyfriend) proposed, and the couple was soon married, to provide a much-needed shot of happiness. However, when it was discovered that Rosaeo was pregnant (Or rather, WOULD be pregnant), and her son from the future came back in time, it was realized that the time for fun was later, rather than now, as her son had a prophecy: Soon after his birth, Rosaeo and Arozel would perish at the hands of Brainiac. The couple decided to fight harder, so that their son could live with his parents.

Powers Edit

Rosaeo has the power of Nature, and can shapeshift into various animal forms. She can also heal others, and fly.