"Revera" was the name chosen by a once wealthy and ambitious scientist named Zack Marden (not to be confused with Clyde Mardon, the Weather Wizard) from Metropolis after suffering a form of amnesia as a side effect of his encounter with an exobyte.

He is a mystery to both himself and his closest allies, and the only traces left behind from his previous life are his name, inherit wealth and his research on experimental drugs. It is unknown whether or not Marden has any family - or if Marden was even his real name - and why he would have been so secretive.

Revera currently works as the infamous Grandmaster of the Fear Elite subsidiary of the Sinestro Corps leading a task force of over 250 villains with the task to secure powerful allies on Earth to aid in the War of Light.

Official Character BioEdit

Alias: Revera, Yellow Lantern
True Name: Zack Marden
Species: Mutant Metahuman
Origin: Tech
Skin Colour: Pale White
Weapons: Qwardian Power Ring, Harmful Fear Toxin (Bottled)

Villains, LexCorp, Sinestro Corps, Fear Elite, Mercenary

Unusual Features: Often Wearing Stolen Thanagarian Wings

Origin StoryEdit

After coming into contact with an exobyte from Lex Luthor's future, Revera was taken for extraction aboard Harvester Ship VI-0. Upon destroying the ship with the aid of Calculator and after completing his first few missions for The Joker in Gotham, Revera was selected to become a Sinestro Corps member by a nearby power ring due to his outstanding and terrifying physical dominance.

The exobytes gave revera enhanced strength, speed and photographic memory and reflexes, which allow him to prefectly recapture a moment or copy a foes fighting tactics, making him a near-perfect mercenary. Despite being a clod-blooded killer, Revera believes strongly in order and discipline.

After becoming a Sinestro Corps member, Revera fought with great loyalty, and officially became the grandmaster of his own elite task force. Unbound to any sector of the universe and loyally serving the Sinestro Corps, the Fear Elite are currently tasked with protecting Earth against the Brainiac threat and securing new and powerful allies to help spread mass panic and aid in the War of the Light.


Revera typically wears black and white tactical armour to stand out in a crowd. When representing the Sinestro Corps, he wears a caped traditional yellow lantern costume with short sleeves. He utilizes a bottled fear toxin developed in his former life to induce acute terror into his opponents to control or recharge his power ring without retreiving his lantern. At home in Revera Residence he commonly wears a Sinestro hoodie with jeans, or a white tank top.