DC Universe Online 999

The Revenant Lord

Ray Anthonsen, the Revenant Lord is a human, originally from Planet Earth. Ray is now a Black Lantern, revived during the events of the Blackest Night. Chosen due to his physical strength and determination, Ray had proven able to wield every colour on the emotional spectrum except love and compassion without ever needing to be selected to join any lantern corps besides the Sinestr Corps, which he fought to turn down. Ray was once a wealthy and ungrateful spoilt kid from a rich family in Gotham until he was kicked out of his residence by his angry father, John Anthonsen. Now a servent of Nekron and the leader of the Deathly Injustice League, Ray is now one of the deadliest black lanterns to ever exist, second only to Deathstorm, the Black Lantern shadow of the well-known hero, Ronnie Raymond's "Firestorm".

Official Character BioEdit

Alias: The Revenant Lord
True Name: Ray-John Anthonsen
Species: Formerly Human
Eyes: Blue/White
Skin: White
Weapons: Black Power Ring
Affiliation: Black Lantern Corps
Unusual Features: Dead, Zombie-Like Skin

Character OriginEdit

DC Universe Online 115

Ray-John Anthonsen

Leaving home at age 24 after failing to get a job and move on with his life, Ray Anthonsen, a Gotham City civillian from Nordic descent retired his former morality and innocence and instead devoted his life to take back what he felt society owed him by theiving anything he could get his hands on. Attempting a major heist with a group of professionals, Ray found himself cornerned by three security guards. Managing to knock out two of them, Ray held the final guard as a hostage. Thanks to Green Lantern Kyle Rayner's intervention, Ray was forced to kill the third security guard, sending him into trauma and depression. After a few months in jail, a rogue scientist claiming to be working on harnessing the the full power of the emotional spectrum to create an unbreakable hard-light shield approached Ray. Offering him a plan to escape Arkham Asylum and a hefty cash prize, Ray eventually accepted.

DC Universe Online 116

Hovering over Gotham City

Ray worked with the scientist Eliza for two years, developing a power armour titled E.S.P.E.R (Emotional Spectrum Powered Electric Response Armour). The suit was designed to channel and create energy from the wearer's emotions and use it to protect the armour itself from taking damage, maximizing the protection. The more emotions released, the higher the protection, making it ideal for intense battles. During his E.S.P.E.R Testing, it was revealed that Ray no longer had the capacity to release emotions of love and compassion, but instead excelled at projecting Rage, Will, Fear, Hope, and especially Avarice.

As the time went by, Eliza became more and more attached to her test subject, and became completely infatuated by him. At this time, Nekron's Black Lantern Rings were circling the globe to find hosts. Amazed by Ray's peak-human physical strength, and his mastery of the emotional spectrum, a Black Lantern ring found its way onto Ray's finger. Ray did not try and fight it.

"Ray Anthonsen of Earth. DIE."