Name: Mia'Ciera Enstromn Alias: Orchid  In-game: Mia Ciera Gender: Female Age: 16 [19 when she leaves Gotham] Height: 5'4 Weight: 116Lbs Nationality: British/Syrian/American Hair Colour: Dark Brown Eye Colour: Light Green Language[s]: English/Syrian

Powers & Abilities/Skill[s]: Flora, Spores/Pheromones, Spore Breath, Cloak/Stealth, Semi-Immortal, 

Flora/Plants- Orchid has the ability to control any plant she plants. Seeds Orchid usually produces belong to carnivorous plants. Orchid wields botanical [plant] powers to restrain and overwhelm her enemies and soothe the wounds of allies 

Spores/Pheromones- The ability to spread spores/pheromones in the air, person, or plant to grow, regenerate, vitalize, control, metabolize,  and poison through enemies and allies. 

Movement: Acrobatic

Weapon[s]: Martial Law [Martial Arts], Dual Wield, Staff, Throwing Knife[s], Bow & Arrow[s], One-Handed, 

Origin: Mia Ciera was born to be an a assasain of the Perch, and because of this sole purpose for her life her mother was killed because she was seen as to much of a distration from the duties and loyalty of their future assasain. Mia father Tobias a veteran asssasain trained Mia in Martial Law a form of martial arts that includes all forms of martial arts but focuses on stealthy pressure point kill shots. Mias life was dedicated to the will of the Perch as was her fathers. When Mia was 11 new activist of the Perch had been


Misst Von:

New Heroes Roll Call: Entity [Marco Masters], Delusion [Wyatt Masters], Menrva [Melle Masters], Relapse [Seren'ity Vi Gaia], Osmium [Basalt Vorte], Orchid [Mia'Ciera Enstromn], Omniscient [Venae Skyes], Skopos, Kovelis [Vixen V'hal], Iris [Blaire Sanders]

Friendly Faces[Allies]:

Ugly Mugs [Foes]: Corvus [Tomas  Weakness[s]:

Fun Facts: