The three Primes
Peter Roark was a former Marine Captain and MMA fighter who was infected by Exobytes containing information from Dryadian* subjects.  Roark inherited all of of the various and fluxuating powers and abilities that have been demonstrated by Dryadians, making him actually more powerful than the average Dryadian.  Though he has grown into a large, rocky form with great strength and invulnerability, he has retained his full human agility, speed and reflexes (Dryadians can be a bit slow-moving). He can control his mass to become lighter so as to move with surprising agility and speed for his bulk, or to become extremely heavy so as to be nearly impossible to move.  He can absorb energy at will--even the kinetic energy of blows--to increase his already impressive resistance to injury.  Though he has retained his human mind, he is highly resistant to mental attack.  Roark has become physically larger than a normal human, but he is still quite small compared to an actual Dryadian.  Evidently, small stature is an attractive male trait among Dryadians.  Much to his chagrin, Roark has learned that he is incredibly attractive to Dryadian females.

Roark's main difficulty is dealing with the fact that, physically, he is no longer human.

After defeating Felix Faust in the Tomb of Isis, Isis' spirit appeared to Roark and bestowed upon him the Blessing of Isis.  She told him that as a man of living stone who had proven himself a true champion, had been chosen to be an elemental defender of the Earth.  He now has a mystical link with the Earth through which he can draw upon magical protection, strength, and healing to greatly increase his power.  His eyes now glow faintly green, and he appears to have some degree of mystical perception.  In a recent encounter with Poison Ivy, she commented that his connection to the Earth was as strong as hers in it's own way, though far more limited in its expression.

  • Dryadians, or Dryads, are silicon-based humanoids from the planet Dryad--also called Korlon by it's human settlers.  Dryadians are basically living rock.  Notable Dryadian heroes are Blok of the Legion of Superheroes, Brik from the Green Lantern Corps, and Garv and Strata from L.E.G.I.O.N.  Dryadians lives span thousands of years, and their powers seem to vary somewhat from individual to individual, by gender, and even by age. At various times Dryadians have exhibited:  near-kryptonian levels of invulnerability and strength, the ability to control their mass and to physically absorb and even re-direct energy, immunity to telepathic attack, and the ability to communicate telepathically with other Dryadians or similar silicon-based life.