Melestra is an honorary Yellow Lantern.


Before all this, she was named Alexandra, and was an employee in a restaurant. It wasn't defined whose characteristics were contained inside the Exobytes that contaminated her, but one thing is certain : it was someone very, very ugly.

Melestra 2

We're not even kidding.

At first she thought everyting would be fine. Everyone around was turning into super-powered beings, so logically it would make her transformation more acceptable to her relatives.

It didn't.

Her parents, her little brother, her boyfriend... they were all terrified by her new look, believing that she had been turned into some kind of monster. They ran away in fear, just as did everyone who saw her.

Had a Justice League member found her back then, maybe she would have learned to see beyond her looks and use her newfound powers for good. But it was Sinestro who found her. He taught her to use her powers and the light-based abilities it granted her. Using the fear she inspired in others, she became an honorary member of the Yellow Lantern Corps.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Light constructs : she is able to tap into the emotional spectrum and create constructs of pure light. The only limitation to what she can create is her imagination. She becomes more powerful depending on people's fear.
  • Superhuman strength : she is able to lift or press around 70 tons.
  • Superhuman durability
  • Flight

Fighting skillsEdit

Melestra is skilled in the use of one-handed weapons. She usually carries a sword which she uses with high dexterity. She can fend off multiple attackers with relative ease. She has quick and precise strikes which, while lacking in raw strength, can overcome an opposent's defenses.

However, defense is also where her technique is flawed, as she is sually on the offensive, neglecting to protect herself.

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