"I will serve Circe until my dying breath."


Medea's devotion to Circe 


Faction Villain
Gender Female
Race Immortal sorceress
Location Hall of Doom


Power Sorcery
Origin Magic
Movement Flight
Weapon Hand Blaster

General OverviewEdit

Name/ Host's Name: Connie Clarke

Gender: Female           Age: ~3,000 years/ 23 years

Weight: 146 lbs   Height: 5'10"

Hair Color: Red   Eye Color: Blue

Home City: Metropolis

Mentor: Circe

Allies and Affiliates: Society of Super-Villains, Beastiamorph Army, Cult of Trigon,

Major Enemies: Ceryneia, Amazons, Sentinels of Magic, Atlanteans, Justice League


  • Sorcery, including, but not limited to:  reality manipulation, teleportation, projective animal metamorphosis, magic blasts, magic shields, immortality, matter transmogrification, mind control/altering, illusions, etc.
  • Occult knowledge: Medea is an expert in all things occult.
  • Potion/poison-making: Medea is a master poison maker.
  • Hand-to-hand combat: Medea is a fair hand to hand combatant, and can cast spells that strengthen her.
  • Weapons: Medea can fight proficiently with a dagger and is moderately skilled with a bow.


When a college student received the magical powers of Circe's future, the goddess bound her dead niece's soul to the girl. Medea, once again a powerful sorceress, owes her existence and new, goddess-level powers to her aunt Circe. She serves her goddess with unyielding devotion. Though immensely powerful, the limitations of her mortal body keep her from ever reaching Circe's power level. A true villainess, she aids the Society and its benefactors with all her power . . . at Circe's behest, of course. 

She has found a nemesis in a new hero -- the Amazon Ceryneia, who obtained the powers of Wonder Woman when the exobytes were released.

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