" I have lost everything but i won't allow it to happen ever again!"

-Legendary Gal

Legendary Gal Edit

Name: Acantha Myth

Eye: Blue

Affiliation: Justice League , Superman , Supergirl

Team: Hero

Mentor: Superman

Gender: Female

Race: Meta-human

Powers & Abilities Edit

Power: Mental , Iconic Powers

Weapon: Brawling

Movement: Flight

Background Edit

Acantha was a scientist on Krypton. She discovered that when Kryptonians walk under the yellow sun they would gain extraordinary powers. With the theory on hand she ventured to Earth. On Earth she gain powers which no one could believe. But even with these powers she was targeted by one of Kryptonian who was jealous of her research which resulted in Acantha being frozen in a stasis and thrown into the deep sea on Earth. Years and decades passed and when Superman's pod landed it sent a shockwave which awoke Acantha from her slumber.

The awoken Acantha had forgotten her Kryptonian name due to slumber and due to her being in stasis for a long period of time. She gained the power to not age and never grow old which is close to immortality but yet so different. Confused Acantha sealed her powers and learned the way and customs of Earth. She eventually started a life on Earth while she couldn't shake off the feeling of her wanting to return home.

Years passed and Superman became the Hero , Acantha found out about superman and immediately went to find him and found out that Krypton her home had been destroyed. Shocked and Confused , Acantha flew to the Antarctica and found her Ship which was desperately finding a way home. But her ship exploded and sent her flying away and Superman found Acantha floating in the middle of the ocean.

Awaken, Acantha soon fled and disappear without a trace. Having locked herself in a secret base she built when she researched Earth , She finally came to her senses when Brainiac attacked and ventured to help the Heroes protect Earth the place which she had a place to return to , a place which she wanted to protect from all harm after losing everything.

Taking the name Legendary Gal , Acantha destroyed and fought against many enemies until one of the Harvester captured her where she was taken to Brainiac's Ship. She escaped and vow to destroy and prevent anything that would harm the one place she had left to call , Home.

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