DC Universe Online 113
Emma Laretz was once an intelligent model working as a poser girl for a skincare product. Now she is a terrifying metahuman cyborg, working in the Sinestro Corps, under Fear Elite, the strike team led by her long-time rival Revera.

Official Character BioEdit

Alias: Hybrid, Lady Hybrid, Yellow Lantern
True Name: Emma Ellen Laretz
Species: Metahuman Cyborg
Eyes: N/A (Glowing Yellow)
Skin: White
Weapons: Modified Qwardian Power Ring
Affiliation: Villains, Sinestro Corps, Fear Elite, Fear Corps
Unusual Features: Dry, Rock-like Skin, Cybernetic Legs

Origin StoryEdit

DC Universe Online 111

Lady Hybrid

Adapting her cause from her product's slogan "Live Life Fearless", Emma decided to change her proffession and face her fears, taking on the role of a stuntwoman for live-action movie productions. Starting from the very bottom, within a few years of training, Emma was eventually cast as the stuntwoman for the character of Winder Woman in a high budget film.

During the final action scene, war break loose (literally) when Mogo, the sentient planet of the Green Latnern Corps arrived on earth, with Ranx of the Sinestro Corps following. During the war of the light, while still dressed as Wonder Woman, Emma was caught in the crossfire between an elite green lantern officer and a Sinestro Corps assassin.

DC Universe Online 109

In Metropolis

Emma then awoke a few days later during an agonising and immoral operation, witnessing her numb broken legs sawn off and replaces with cybernetic enhancements with no doctors in sight, Emma lost her mind and managed to escape her binds. Noticing her presence outside of the cybernetic chambers, a patrolling doctor threw a barrel of an experimental acid numbing agent at her, hoping the over-exposure was cause her to pass out or perish. However no such luck was met by the doctor, as she remained awake whie her skin burned out and dried into a rock-like state. Unable to feel any pain, the horrifying cyborg actress destroyed the entire operation and murdered every last man and woman in the area.

Her first glimpse of light outside the dark, eerie laboratory was a light battle between a group of Green Lanterns, and an elite Sinestro Corps member. Attemping to kill all the fighters, Emma was apprehended by the Fear Elite Grandmaster, Darylex Revera, who offered her a special Qwardian Power Ring for frightening even him during battle. She hastily accepted, and became a yellow lantern of fear.