name: King Mystic


Movement Type: Super Speed

Weapon: Staff

Origin: In the age of the Greeks and Romans there lived a great warrior who had been promised a kingdom by the name of Mysticia. The warrior lived far away making it almost impossible to get to Mysticia. The warrior however, did not lose hope and decided to ask the local wiseman on what to do. The wiseman gave him the staff of the village, a staff that was crafted out of the finest wood in the Mystical forests of the Amazons and the finest metal in the Volcano of the Bestiamorphs. As soon as the warrior touched it he saw a flash and then emptiness he found that he faced 2 roads one to a giant floating palace of sorts (Watchtower) and the other to a dark lair (hall of Doom) he chose the path to the palace and found himself falling down a pit, he landed in the middle of 4 pathways one led to a firey city, the other led to a frozen city, another advanced tech city and finally a city that looked like it was using the power of magic. He chose the pathway to the city with magic. Then suddenly he found himself in a tube of sorts with tons of new things he knew about about the world. Then suddenly he got released from the device and someone by the name of Oracle started talking, the warrior proceeded with the instructions Oracle gave him and he promised himself: he will clam Mysticia!

This is him: