Kharon_DF (last part tagged after one of the first server merges) is a Metropolis Villain.

Mentor: Lex Luthor

Power: Fire

Movement: Acrobatics

Weapon: Staff

Server: US PVE

Kharon was originally created as one of Lex Luthor's experiments. He was named after Charon, the Ferryman. After that particular program was shut down Lex decided to try adding some of the more promising creations to his attack squads to see if it would be worth pursuing later as a separate venture.

Not all of the subjects integrated well. The breed some were created from simply didn't work well on teams or out among the public, or personality quirks kept them from succeeding. But many did, and Kharon did so exceptionally well. His cunning allowed him to not only work with his teams but excel at his job and getting others to do so as well. As his teams improved so did his prospects, and soon he rose to become one of Luther's elite hit squad operatives.

While Kharon harbors no love for Lex himself, he can respect the man's ambitions and the ways he could smooth the way ahead for him. As such he remains a dedicated operative, until such time as he deems it better to go solo. When that time comes it may be...interesting...

Kharon Start 1

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