DC Universe Online 1-0

Ken in the suppressor suit. He calls this style the celestial guardian's armor.

Real Name: Ken Spartan

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Height: (used to be) 5'9/ (currently) 6'5

Alignment: Hero/ (at times) Neutral

Eye color: (formerly) Light Brown/ (currently) Crimson Red, Glowing Red (when mad)

Hair: Dark Brown (looks almost black)

Mentor: Superman

Aliases: Azifer, Pagan, Son of Rao, Superboy X (The Original)

Favorite animal: Wolves and Huskies

Religious Views:

Non-Militant Atheist, he doesn't believe in gods, just extremely powerful beings that think their powers entitle them to worship.

Political Views:

Normally Apolitical, but when he has shown interest, he has shown himself to be somewhat of a liberal.

Marital Status:

Happily Married (Polyamorous)


Clark Kent (Friend), Superman (Mentor, Friend), Powergirl (Girlfriend), Supergirl (Friend), Conner Kent (Friend), The Titans, Susette Spartan (Mother), Eugene Deathfist (Father, deceased), Destin Vinehart (Wife, Deceased), Deadman (Friend), The Justice League, Bruce Skye (Bestfriend), Mark Mireles (Bestfriend), The Oak Squad, Tammy Spartan (Aunt), Trevor Spartan (Little Brother, Sidekick), and Michael Spartan (Son)


Powergirl, Volcana (Formerly), Livewire (formerly), Inque (formerly) Destin Vineheart (Wife, Deceased), Harley Quinn (formerly), several Star Sapphires (Vir'en Tu'Sa, Anar'ah Ves'siche, M'ari I'nsitia, Nula Mina, Runik Sanu), Danielle Moore (formerly), Judith Evers (formerly), Rin-Tra (wife), Black Marge (formerly), Arris Faneves (wife), Bleez (formerly), Poison Ivy (formerly), Poison Ivy (New 52)


Darksied, Natarps Nek, Imperiex, Grease Trap (deceased), The Anti-Monitor, Doomsday, Yuga Khan, Mongul, Volcana, Mallow, DevilDog, The Sinestro Corps, The Orange Lantern Corps, All American Boy, New Villains, Azifer, and Brutilation.

Main Villains:


DC Universe Online 1-1
After suffering immense torture at the hands of Trigon's sons, and demons, Ken's mental state fractured, causing his old superhero persona, Azifer, to adopt a life of its own within his mind. As he was being rescued by a team of new heroes sent by Superman, a demon lord attacked the team. They defeated him, and he slipped into Ken's mind, possessing him. This caused him to fuse with the Azifer persona, and twist it. In doing so, he lost his own life, and was devoured by the Azifer personality. The demonic power caused the persona to become darker, and more ruthless.
DC Universe Online 15-0

Natarps planning a siege upon his Metropolis.

Natarps Nek

An anti-matter version of himself that is only half as strong as Ken (without exobytes), but utilizes advanced magics, and recently died, becoming a Black Lantern.


Block Basher

BlockBasher (aka Brutilation)

Has the powers of Doomsday and Darksied's New God physiology (as well as telepathy, telekinesis, Avatar Creation (though limited), Erosion Blasts (limited), and Size Alteration (limited)) combined, as well as geo-kinesis, and the ability to secrete Venom (but with other steroids mixed in with the Venom, so more of a super Venom) from several, regenerative glands in his body to strengthen his muscles. He is twice as rage filled as doomsday, and blood lusted beyond reason. His main priority is to kill Superman and everyone he loves, then kill Ken. He was created by Darksied to counter and surpass Ken's strength.

Early Life Edit

Ken grew up in poverty, his mother, himself, and his sister moving in with other family members to keep a roof over their heads. This started when his mother could no longer afford their apartment, so they ended up staying with his grandmother for a couple years, from his 3rd grade year up to the end of his 6th grade year. During this time he was constantly bullied at school due to his slightly feminine nature, hyperactivity, and temper. It grew worse in middle school, because a child noticed his feminine nature, along with his hyperactivity, and assumed he was homosexual. The kids would punch him, and treat him like he was less than human, and they would call him names like "loser", "faggot", "bitch", and "pussy". He grew to hate these kids, and think of himself as messed up, unnatural. It didn't help the fact that he already had depression, and had already had confidence problems because of it. He also couldn't help the fact that he had ADHD, which caused him to be hyper. After trying to get help from the school, and failing, his mother ultimately decided to move him to another school, where he received much better treatment, but was still plagued by the constant mistreatment he had been put through. His mother didn't believe in raising her son with gender roles, and would let him play with his sister's toy. Though he didn't have to deal with bullies in school anymore, he still had to deal with an abusive step father. His step father would talk to him as if he were a dog, and physically abuse him, ranging from a simple smack across the head that would cause him great pain to actually using him as boxing practice, once.

After several years of mistreatment, his mother had finally had enough, and left the abusive man, also leaving him because he had stolen some of her possessions for drug money. Ken had seen the man stealing before, and began stealing from him, selling the stolen goods, then giving the money to his mother, claiming it came from yard work and other chores he did for neighbors, though he had already spent that money. His mother took the money, proud of her son for working so hard.

Due to having attempted a failed suicide, he missed several months of that school year. This caused him to have to repeat the 6th grade, where he made friends with younger students at his new school, who he found to be significantly nicer and more compassionate. He also took the chance at a fresh start to slowly grow out of his slightly feminine behavior.

High School Edit

Unfortunately, after a couple years in middle school with these kids, he had to leave, because his family was moving out of his aunt's, and he had to finish middle school back at the school where he was bullied. This caused him to retreat inside of his mind, and he began having trouble in class. About a year into high school, he sought alternative sources of happiness in which he took up drinking, attempting to use synthetic marijuana, but failing due to his lack of knowledge as to how the drug was to be properly taken, and even once trying air conditioner coolant. After a run-in with the police, he stopped, and decided to try to turn his life around (he did continue occasionally drinking, after turning 18). After a year and a half in high school, he transferred back to the jurisdiction of the school where he met his best friends, where he would begin going to high school with them, and even began dating. During his time at the high school, he began to break out of his shell more, and even took up drama classes for fun, which he found that he loved. He would later begin dating a girl named Danielle Moore. Their relationship was awkward, at first, since he this was only his 2nd girlfriend, and he was really shy, but in time he grew more and more comfortable with the relationship, and with her.

After she turned 16, they began a sexual romance, which continued for several months, until she believed she was pregnant. The pregnancy scare caused them to end the sexual romance for a short while, and focus on just a sex free romance. This continued for a few months, until he had to leave the school, and knowing he wouldn't be able to see her due to issues with transportation, he decided to end it. He met with her on his last day at the school, and told her that he wouldn't be able to see her, so it was over. She didn't agree with this and tried to come up with ways that they could see each other, but broke down crying because she knew he was right. He gave her a long kiss, and told her that he loved her, then got into the car with his mother, and left as tears rolled down his cheeks. He continued to think of her, and how happy she had made him, after he moved in to his new school. At this point in his life his mother had managed to be promoted a couple times which bettered their life, but not too much, so while he did manage to get a laptop, his immediate family did have to stay with a friend of his mother for several months. This is what led him to end up living in Metropolis, and with his life long friend Bruce Skye. Though it had been several years since they had last seen each other, they were still the best of friends, and considered each other brothers. He began going to Metropolis High with Bruce. They took the same math class, and through Bruce he had made several friends, and he had begun a romantic relationship with one of the friends.

Her name was Destin Vinehart, and she was a junior, like Ken. She appeared to be a very shy girl at first, and followed traditional christian upbringings, except she was open minded to dating outside of her religion, and she never made an attempt to convert Ken, who was an agnostic and former christian at this point. She helped teach him how to understand, properly tend to, and love animals, since he had not been taught how to before, because his mother viewed animals as less than humans, despite her caring nature. During this time Destin gave him a kitten to raise that they had named Lilith, which he tried his best to take care of, but found that he lacked the patience to properly raise an animal. As the year went by he started to notice a change occurring within himself, specifically after his 18th birthday. His senses seemed to become significantly stronger, his body stopped showing any signs of aging, he learned things much faster and could easily remember even the slightest details of each day (such as what each random individual in his line of sight was wearing on his way to school), he could regenerate lost limbs and organs (after he took a shotgun blast to the stomach from a bank robber trying to escape the scene, which kept in the hospital for a couple days) though it did take several days to a month for the process to finish, his all around physiology was growing significantly stronger, and the ability to ignite his body and manipulate fire. He also noticed a couple other powers, including the ability to fire energy blasts from his hands and mouth, and the ability to access the emotional spectrum to create hard light constructs, when he is in a desperate situation.

He struggled to control his powers at first, and people at his school quickly discovered his powers, after the school jerk decided to provoke him one day, causing him to accidentally fire off a hand blast through the floor in the middle of class. Having heard about the incident, his girlfriend Destin decied to help him learn to control his powers, and revealed to him that she was actually a metahuman herself. She revealed that she was super strong, had accelerated healing, was actually a genius with an iq of 175, could control plant life, had mastered karate, and could emit energy blasts of her own. She then asked him if he had other powers, which he admitted that he had super strength, the ability to create hard light constructs like a green lantern (but only when he was near death, and the constructs were blue), his slow regeneration abilities, and his pyrokinetic abilities. He also admitted to his grades being poor, due to when he had poor control over his powers, and that he had to focus intensely, distracting him from his work. She scolded him, but afterwards she gave him a kiss and told him that she loved him, causing him to admit his love for her too.

A year would go by, and nothing changed much, except for him and Destin entering a sexual relationship, after she decided that she trusted him and loved him enough to share her virginity with him. One day, as he was headed to school with Destin, they noticed a disturbance down the road, and went to investigate. It turned out to be a new villain named Doom Child, and he seemed to be a smaller version of Doomsday. This confused them, because they thought Doomsday was the only one of his kind, but that didn't matter at the moment, they needed to stop him, so they quickly left the seen, where there were no prying eyes, and changed into some emergency uniforms that Ken had made in case they ever decided to help anyone. After changing and storing their things in a secret location, they rushed back to the scene and confronted Doom Child, after about 30 minutes of fighting, they managed to take him down. The fight awoke Ken's desire to become a superhero, but also revealed his masochistic nature, after he was stabbed a couple times, and seemed to only take pleasure from the wounds, telling Destin after the fight that they needed to hurry and get somewhere private.

They were 2 hours late for school, and had to explain that they took the time to help some homeless people. This caused his mom to question him about what really happened, and he revealed the he had discovered that he had super powers. His mother wasn't surprised, and revealed that she was where he gained his regenerative abilities, super strength, and immortality from, and that his deceased father was the source of his energy abilities and his ability to partially access the emotional spectrum, as well as the ability to resist molecular manipulation. He finally graduated high school later that month, then took to learning every other science on Earth so that he could create some incredible outfits for him and Destin, since they had become their own dynamic duo, Superboy X and Magnolia.

Blackest Night Edit

During the Blackest Night, his access to the emotional spectrum was acting up, so he had to rely on his other powers to keep him, Destin, his friends, and his family alive. He discovered that Bruce and his other friend that he loved like a brother, Mark Mireles, had powers of their own, when he saw them fighting Black Lanterns, and questioned them afterwards. Mark had displayed super strength (was able to hold back a couple black lantern kryptonians, so definitely planet buster level), admitted to being immune to most diseases as well as a high metabolism, flight, regenerative abilities (was stabbed through the shoulder, which healed within a minute, and lost an arm, while battling the 4 super powered Black Lantern Kryptonians, and it reattached itself to him after he managed to temporarily finish the Black Lantern Kryptonians off.), mastery of Boxing, Olympic wrestling, Rough and Tumble, and kick boxing, admitted to having an IQ of 150, and could produce a natural armor for his skin that he admitted was 2,450x harder and stronger than steel. Bruce had displayed limited electrical capabilities, techno-pathic abilities, admitted his body was at its physical limit even though it wasn't very bulky, generate force fields, mastery of every martial art known to humans, admitted that he is a genius with an iq over 450, and has extensive knowledge of multiple weapons, even alien weaponry.

They decided to work together to take down Black Lanterns, and end The Blackest Night, so when he questioned them about their powers, after their battles with the Black Lanterns, they were honest with him. As they made their way to assist the temporary inductees to the Lantern Corps they were stopped by the reanimated bodies of the 4 kryptonians, the reanimated corpse of Ken's father, and the reanimated corpse of Doom child, who had been killed by a Black Lantern. Destin, Mark, and Bruce began fighting the Black Lanterns, except for Ken's father, who was teasing Ken about his death at the hands off Darksied's minions on Apokalips. This made Ken upset, and he began blaming himself for not having manifested his powers sooner, since he was very late in his powers finally manifesting, to protect his father. This drove him to be distracted by his guilt, which led to his father impaling him, but it didn't kill him, instead he knocked Eugene back several feet, and began to go into a rage. The teasing by his father's corpse, then the impalement reminded him of how he had felt towards the parademons and Darksied since that day 12 years ago, and to the thought of a ring bringing back his father's corpse to ruin his image sent him into a frenzy, where he began obliterating his father's body, then destroying Doom Child. He took the Black Lantern rings, and held them in his right fist as tightly as he could to prevent them from escaping to reclaim the bodies, then he attacked two of the kryptonians, and becoming so enraged that he actually attracted the attention of a couple Black Lanterns who were already in battle, causing them to be temporarily defeated. His rage also caused a nearby red lantern ring to track him down, and slip onto his left-hand middle finger, transforming him into a Red Lantern. He went on a rampage slaughtering every Black Lantern he came across, but forgot to hold onto the black rings he already had, causing them to reconnect with their original owners, which caused his father's corpse to pursue him. Mark, Bruce, and Destin were already in pursuit though, and they were worried for Ken's well being.

They knew he was powerful, but the Black Lanterns were powerful too, and they couldn't die, but he could. They needed to stop him, so Mark flew ahead, and having encountered a Red Lantern before, he knew what to avoid. Within 5 minutes Ken and Mark are crashing through the city, and battling. Mark is trying to hold Ken off until Destin can calm him down, and Bruce is trying to assist Mark by utilizing every bit of nearby technology to attack Ken, but he just burns through them with his plasma, which still helped Mark by keeping Ken from spewing it on him, and causing him immense pain. Destin is trying her best to restrain and calm Ken with her plants and their pheromones, and with Bruce's technology helping her restrain and distract Ken, Mark is able to catch him across the head with a strong right, knocking him out, but his father shows up, and blasts Destin, and Mark knocking them out. Bruce immediately focuses his leftover technology on taking down Eugene, while he uses focused electrical charges to carefully wake Mark up first, so that he can assist the robots in holding back Deathfist, while he continues to revive the unconscious Destin, and Ken, so that he could help.

As mark rises, he notices the robots fighting Deathfist, and that Ken and Destin are still unconscious. Bruce tells him to hold off Deathfist, or even re-kill him, if he can, while he revives Destin and Ken. Mark re-kills Deathfist, and secures his ring in his fist, as he saw Ken do, then, as Ken is re-awoken, he knows that Ken will just go back into a rage, so he taunts Ken to draw his attention. He leads Ken towards some Black Laterns, with Destin and Bruce close behind, and starts asking him if he's just going to let them get away with nearly killing the girl he loves, and slaughtering so many innocents. This builds up Ken's rage, and he lunges at Mark, but Mark moves out of the way, causing Ken to lung at the nearby Black Lantern civillians, and obliterating them. Ken continues to fight Black Lantern after Black Lantern, while his team tries to figure out what to do. Bruce keeps them within a force field during their conversation, and suggests removing the ring, then letting Ken's regenerative abilities heal the damage, but the others disagree, because they don't know for sure if his body can handle that much damage. As they ponder how to remove the ring without killing Ken, they here a loud roar that catches their attention, and they notice a massive figure headed their way, tearing through anything in its way.

The figure turns out to be Black Lantern Doomsday, who was drawn by Ken's rage. The team immediately knows that they are in a ton of trouble, and must get Ken away from Doomsday. Mark summons all of his strength, his armor, and decides to utilize all of his fighting skills. Bruce aids him by shaping several layers of force fields around his body, while adjusting them so that he can move easily, because Bruce knows that Mark is going to need to move fluidly in the battle. Mark charges at the monster, proceeds to start beating it across its skull with several heavy strikes.

Mark is beating down on Doomsday, not letting him so much as move, and Doomsday's body is actually showing significant damage, but Mark's assault can't keep Black Lantern Doomsday pinned forever. Doomsday punches Mark directly in the jaw, breaking it and sending him flying. He heals quickly, and continues his assault on Doomsday, thinking of what would happen to his friends if he failed. His punches dealing pretty heavy damage, but the monster continues to regenerate.

Bruce and Destin manage to subdue Ken, and start moving him, when they here a pained scream. Mark's armor had started to fail, and Doomsday used it as an opportunity to pin him in his own armor by crushing it into him. Bruce sees no other option, he tells Destin to summon the strongest plant life that she can to hold Doomsday, while he wakes Ken up. Destin summons everything that she can to hold doomsday, while Bruce takes the opportunity to quickly attempt to awaken Ken. Doomsday breaks free and charges at the two, but Bruce encases them in his strongest force fields, and tells Destin to redirect her plants to fortification of the force field. It was too late though, as Doomsday lands several hits, and smashes through the shield. Destin quickly grabs Doomsday by the leg, and throws him as far as she can, but he grabs her arm, crushing it, and taking her with him. Bruce manages to wake Ken up just as Doomsday and Destin make it into the air, and he tells Ken that Doomsday has killed Mark, and is going to kill Destin. Ken was able to fight the ring's affect long enough to hear the news from Bruce, and immediately charges the location that he saw the two fly of to.

He finds Destin trapped beneath her plants as Doomsday is about to tear through her shield. He enters a frenzy, because he is unwilling to let the woman he loves be killed, and he charges Doomsday, sending him flying several blocks away. He fights the ring so that he can barely manage to tell Destin from a safe distance that he loves her, then he quickly gives into his rage to suppress his love, so that the ring wouldn't abandon him, then charges Doomsday, unleashing everything on the beast, and giving in to his rage and hate for the beast over the apparent death of his friend.

As soon as Ken left to battle Doomsday, Bruce began working to free Mark from his prison, summoning a force field dome around them as protection and within Mark's armor to push the armor out of his body.

Bruce is left exhausted, but his actions allow Mark to properly heal, and he thanks Bruce. Bruce being as smart and clever as he is, uses his electrical abilities to deliver a small jolt to his body, so that he can kick start his metabolism to break down some of his body fat rapidly, delivering much needed energy to his body. Mark and Bruce take off to aid Ken and Destin against Doomsday. They arrive to see Ken unleashing a barrage of fire, blasts, red light constructs, punches, kicks, and even spewing plasma directly into the beast's eyes and mouth. Mark joins in, delivering all that he can to the beast, while Bruce and Destin supported them with plant life striking Doomsday in any open wounds to keep them from healing, and force fields to reduce the affects of Doomsday's punches and knees, while many different kinds of technologies in the area, ranging from cars to laser weapons to leftover Simm-Bot suits unleash all they can upon the monster. Doomsday's body begins to deteriorate, and they finally defeat the creature. Bruce quickly secures Doomsday's ring in several force fields and layers of metal, even some shards from Mark's armor.

They did it, they finally defeated Black Lantern Doomsday.

They let out a couple quick cheers, then begin to lead Ken away from the site, but then they hear it, the roar...

They knew that he was going to rise again, but not this soon, and Ken immediately begins attacking the beast again, unleashing his hate...but his team is too exhausted to stop what happened next. As Ken let loose upon Doomsday, the monster manages to grab his right arm and tear it off, severing his connection to the ring. As Ken begins coughing up plasma, and it burns his body, Doomsday lets loose a punch... and sends Ken's brains across the ground.

Destin, Bruce, and Mark are shocked. Destin begins to scream, but Mark stops her, because the beast had not noticed them yet. They needed to get away fast. Mark grabs them both, and begins flying as fast as he can, breaking the sound barrier. He takes them to the only place he could think of, his dad's warehouse, where they take some time to rest. Destin begins crying uncontrollably, and the guys let her mourn, because they can understand how she feels, minus the romantic aspect.

Bruce and Mark decide that they will wait until later to mourn, since their full attention would be needed to survive. Bruce kick starts their metabolisms for some instant energy, and Mark brings them some food. Bruce takes the chance to stealthily reinforce the warehouse, so that it could withstand an assault from any of the weaker Black Lanterns that would notice their sorrow and rage. Since Bruce needed as much energy as he could muster to continuously reinforce and sustain the force fields, he forces down several pounds of food, after sending a strong enough continuous jolt to send his metabolism into overdrive, then he begins creating several elaborate force fields specifically designed to better absorb impacts and focused pressure. The process causes him to become revitalized, but rapidly exhausted after a short while. Once he is done making the shielding, the strain is significantly lower, and he can better manage his energy levels. Bruce stays awake to focus on the shielding, while Destin cries herself to sleep, and Mark rests. They had just lost someone they loved dearly, and they were physically exhausted. They were losing hope.

There were Black Lanterns drawn by their emotions, who began attacking the warehouse in an attempt to breech and claim their hearts, and knew that they would end up dying, but then they saw it. The Black Lanterns began to glow and incinerate as a powerful white light erupted from their bodies. Bruce wakes Destin up to show her the glorious sight, and they all begin to weep tears of joy, and cheered. With their vigor and hopes renewed they left the warehouse as the Black Lanterns were defeated.

Brightest Day Edit

Bruce, Destin, and Mark go to retrieve Ken's body to bury him properly, and noticed that the body had been moved to an abandoned building. They retrieved the body, and had Mark construct him a nice tomb from the wreckage, but they are stopped by a kryptonian that had been hiding on Earth since the war between New Krypton and Earth. The kryptonian told them that Ken's heart was still in his chest, and it was beating. It turned out that Ken was saved from becoming a Black Lantern by several heroes who had noticed his fight against Doomsday, and seized the opportunity to defeat the monster, after he had left the beast with some serious wounds. The group of heroes turned out to be the ones that moved his body, because they felt that his bravery had at least earned him a nice funeral, before he ended up becoming a Black Lantern. Unfortunately, most of the heroes were killed, leaving only the youngest, James.

James was an orphan, since the heroes were also his family. Bruce, Mark, and Destin allowed him onto the team as an act of compassion, and thanks. They secured Ken's body in a plant/force field construct, and kept James from seeing it, because the child had already seen enough death and destruction, and they didn't believe in putting him through it again.

Recovery Edit

As Ken's body slowly recovers the team grew, and took on the name of The New Life Initiative. The name was inspired by the White Lantern reviving dead heroes, and they made it their goal to protect the Earth from evil. They set up their base a couple miles under Mark's father's warehouse, and decided to name it The Homestead. Destin, Mark, and Bruce started going to college. They were easily able to keep up with their classes, but the work with managing an entire team was difficult for Destin and Mark. Bruce said he could handle the team management and school work at the same time, since he had the highest IQ on the team, so he was officially put in charge of battle strategy, and base management. Mark was the charismatic one, so he was officially put in charge of event management, and team moral. Destin was the most compassionate of the three, was the most knowledgeable with child care, and was a genius with natural remedies and animal life, since her powers also complimented her knowledge, she was put in charge of the plant and animal life, which she handle quite easily, and was made the head nurse.

Ken woke up to fire and screaming, unsure of what had happened. It takes him a second, but he begins to remember his fight with Doomsday, and the Black Lanterns. He immediately begins to worry about Destin, but he is set upon by demons, which began to try to harm him, but he fought them off, and immediately began looking for an exit. He began to work his way through a mountain side, but drew the attention of more demons, and they fought. They tried to use fire against him, but he laughed, since fire didn't hurt him. The demons then used magic on him, and he became enraged at what he saw as a cheap tactic, so he began unleashing his fury on the demons, which attracted the attention of Jared.

Jared induced more rage in Ken, causing Ken to attack him, and he was caught off guard by Ken's strength, which lead to Ken defeating him. Ken resumed his search for an exit, but had no success, and was about to give up hope, when the Teen Titans appeared to rescue him. As they were carrying him through the portal, they told him how he had ended up there, and what had happened to his team.

[Several hours earlier]

Destin, Bruce, and Mark had just gotten to the base, after their classes had ended for the day. They had put up their things, and began training with their newer and younger teammates, teaching them their mastered martial arts. Destin took up the new and younger students, and taught them karate. The students who master karate are sent to Bruce to learn several other martial arts. Mark teaches the heavy hitters boxing and wrestling. As they wrap up their training the warehouse plays a tune, which lets them know that someone has entered the warehouse. They are curious who it may be, since the only people they shared the location with are new recruits, teammates, and The Justice League. They discover the Titans at the door, and open it. It turned out that the Titans were there to offer their condolences over their loss. The Titans also came bearing an award for the team for having displayed great bravery in combating the Black Lantern Doomsday. The team informed the Titans that Ken wasn't actually dead, but in more of a comatose state.

The Titans are bewildered at what they hear, at first. His brains were knocked across the pavement, but his body was still alive. Cyborg asked to examine Ken's body, so he could try to determine how it was possible, but Bruce filled him in on what they had discovered. Ken's body, when mortally damaged, would emit pheromones that would turn away animals, and kill any life forms that would try to cause decomposition. His cells were also able to function independently enough, without his brain, to prevent themselves from dying for several years, while his body regenerated. All of his brain cells are capable of encoding all of his memories, so that, once his body regenerates, they can encode them onto his brain's memory network (if it was damaged or destroyed). the Titans admit that they're impressed by his regenerative abilities. As the two teams talk, a demon bursts through the door followed by several others, and they begin attacking everyone. The two teams work together to take down the demons, but they failed to prevent the demons from taking Ken's body. Raven immediately opens a portal to Trigon's dimension, and The Titans step through, and find Ken after several hours of searching.

Destin and the team waited impatiently, since they weren't allowed to come due to their inexperience with demons, and Trigon.


As the Titans step through the portal with a newly revived Ken, Destin rushes over and embraces Ken in a bear hug. Ken manages to chuckle, while slightly wheezing, and embraces Destin, giving her a kiss. After the kiss, the Titans shake Ken's hand, and thank him for his bravery. They also praise him for learning to channel his rage so quickly, while bearing a red lantern ring. The Titans inform them that they will also be receiving medals from the president for their contribution, and displays of bravery.

Death of a lover Edit

Several months went by with the New Life Initiative taking down villains, even once taking on the Sinestro Corps, and coming out victorious. Things seemed to be going well for the team. Ken and Destin got engaged. Ken enrolled in college courses online to catch up, and was made team scientist and engineer, since he was an expert in all of Earth's sciences by this point in time. Bruce excelled in college, and feeling that he needed more of a challenge for his intellect, he started investing in stocks. He showed to be quite skilled, and quickly amassed a large fortune. Mark took out a loan, and started a gym. He paid it off within 2 weeks due to his gym's success, and his hard work. A couple on the team took James in, and they became a heroic trio. Destin started a child care center, which was successful, and she slowly drifted into agnosticism, but still visited her church.

It was on October 8th that the team then received a call that would turn their world upside down....

They had been told that Doomsday had returned, and he was rampaging through downtown Metropolis. The team knew it was going to be difficult, remembering their fight with him before, and it was a nightmare. Destin became anxious, wanting revenge against the monster for hurting the man she loves, and robbing her of many days and nights with him. Mark had begun dating a girl on the team, her name was Angel Starward. She has telepathic capabilities, can fly using her dove-like wings, her body is significantly stronger than the average human's (had her body enhanced with a serum to counter a sickness that took away her ability to walk), utilizes several magics, and can summon two magical beings to protect her in battle, a golem with the strength to crush a mountain range easily, and a miniature reaper to slowly drain her opponents, while also healing her or someone of her choice. Mark decided to bring her, but since it was her first time facing the creature, she would be providing support, rather than engaging the beast head on.

When they arrived to the seen, it was chaos, bodies were everywhere, and Doomsday seemed different. The team realized that Doomsday not only had a red power ring, but had also grown horns in the shape of the Red Lantern Corps' emblem. He was possessed by the Butcher. Mark immediately armored up, and told Angel to summon her magical beings, then provide assistance to the civilians. Bruce told several teammates to go with her, and assist her, specifically electricity, magic, and nature users who could heal others. He then began organizing the team, having a majority of teammates providing cover fire, while the heavy hitters went face to face with Doomsday.

Mark and Ken charged first, hitting Doomsday with their heaviest attacks, while several other heavy hitter struck him from behind. Doomsday immediately began taking heavy damage, but created hard light constructs to throw a few heavy hitters several yards back. Ken began teasing Doomsday to focus his attention on him. He told Doomsday that he was weak, since he couldn't keep him down. This caused Doomsday to start attacking Ken specifically, but this didn't phase him, since he had learned to use his fire manipulation to heal his body alongside his regenerative ability, though it would only heal so much. Mark then began teasing Doomsday, and quickly armored up further. The two were using the strategy of spreading the damage between then, so that the team could remain organized, and neither would be immediately overwhelmed. The rest of the heavy hitters focused on dealing as much damage as they could, except for a few who would also take some damage as part of a rotation.

The fight was going surprisingly smooth, given the circumstances. They only had 70 out of their 400 teammates with them that day, since the rest were either already on missions, or in school. They were strict about not interfering with a teammate's schooling. They were wearing him down, and the ring seemed to not be very powerful for some reason, but the team didn't question it. They just focused on taking him down, and trying to stay alive. Doomsday then began laughing, and told something to attack. Vice and several other mindless Red Lanterns descended onto the battlefield, and everything began to spiral out of control.

Angel and Mark teamed up to take down several Red Lanterns. Ken and Destin, as well as several teammates, continued to focus on Doomsday. Bruce and the rest of team were split in trying to focus on Doomsday, while taking down several Red Lanterns. The Red Lanterns were ruthless, though, and they began mercilessly slaughtering a few teammates. This sent Mark into a rage, and he began tearing through a few Red Lanterns. Angel tried to calm him down, but a Red Lantern caught her off guard, and wounded her. Her golem immediately came to her aid, and decimated the Red Lantern, while her reaper created a magical shield around her and itself. The golem continued to tear through any lantern that came near her, while her reaper healed her. Mark began to calm himself, because he knew they would induct him into the corps, again, if he continued to rage out. He returned to Angel's side, and protected her and her magical beings.

Ken and Destin were struggling to keep Doomsday suppressed. Doomsday was beating them, and nether wanted to lose. They couldn't afford to let him attack the team. Bruce was struggling to keep several teammates from dying with no success. He was becoming frustrated, but didn't let it grow, because he knew he'd just risk adding another lantern to the fight. Ken couldn't help but become angrier, because he remembered what the monster had put his friends through in The Blackest Night. Destin was nearly consumed by her hatred for the creature for bashing in her man's head. She couldn't help it, she wanted the monster dead. She hit the monster with all she had. She began to enjoy hurting the beast. The hatred began consuming her more and more. She began to get tunnel vision, and her hearing began to muffle. All she could think of, if anything at that moment, was killing the monster.

Bruce started yelling to her telling her to calm down. He could tell she was anxious when they received the call, but she wasn't strong enough to take the beast down. Ken was pissed, but his rage was nothing compared to what he could tell she was feeling. Doomsday's body was showing damage, but the beast wasn't going down so easily. He focus his attention on her, and the butcher, sensing her hatred, began inducing further rage in her heart. Doomsday knocked aside the exhausted teammates surrounding him, and he focused on battling Destin.

Destin and Doomsday exchanged blows, but even in her rage, Destin began to show signs of weakening. Ken quickly recovered knowing the risk to Destin's life. He charged the beast, unleashing a barrage of quick punches to the monster, while flames covered his body, and he fired a powerful blast from his mouth to the back of the beast's head. Doomsday was overpowering Destin, and Ken began to grow afraid. He unleashed everything on the monster. He wanted its attention, but the beast wouldn't pay attention to him, even when he was literally tearing into it. It had decided who to kill, and he knew he'd have to kill it before it killed her.

She collapsed, her body was weakened, and she was near death. Destin couldn't continue fighting. Ken became desperate, which caused him to construct a blue hard light shield around Destin. This drew the attention of Doomsday, and the Butcher. They attacked him, and he attacked them in return. He unleashed a barrage of constructs on Doomsday, who released a barrage in turn. Their constructs collided, and Doomsday had the advantage. His rage and the power of the butcher gave him significant power behind his constructs. Ken's constructs began to fail, so he resorted to blasting the beast with a powerful blast of energy that nearly destroyed his own body.

Doomsday's damaged body was mostly destroyed. All that was left of him was the upper half of his torso, and an arm, but he wasn't dead yet. Ken could barely move he was so exhausted. The rest of the team, except for Mark and Angel were either unconscious or dead. Destin and Bruce were also unconscious. Ken was struggling to stay awake. He crawled over to Doomsday, and hit him continuously with what little strength he had left. His body was completely exhausted, and he knew it would take weeks for his joints, cartilage, heart, muscles, and organs to heal, because he nearly destroyed his body with his outburst.

The Butcher had left his damaged host to battle with the Justice League, who had arrived shortly after Ken's outburst from another mission. Doomsday knocked Ken unconscious, and knocked Mark into what was left of Angel's golem. Doomsday then tears a bone shard from his body.... and stabs Destin through the heart. He leaves the shard in her chest, which prevents her body from healing some, and she dies shortly after.

Angel screamed, which woke Ken, and alerts Mark. Doomsday's body began to rapidly heal, and Mark couldn't let him heal. He charged the beast, and knocked it into the upper atmosphere. He then noticed Destin lying dead on the ground with a bone shard sticking out of her chest. He went beserk, and chased after Doomsday. Doomsday had just killed his friends, and now one of his best friends. He wanted revenge, and he was going to kill the monster. Ken stared in shock at Destin, and his heart dropped. He crawled over to her, and removed the bone shard, and waited for her to heal. The wound wasn't closing, and he began to beg her to wake up and heal. He began bawling, begging, and pleading for her to wake up, but she wouldn't move.

Mark wouldn't let the monster heal as he unleashed everything he had on the beast. He knew he had to send it somewhere where its healing would be stunted, or he could kill it in a new way. He used his armor to retain as much air he could as he made his way to the beast, so as they hurdled through space, he was able to keep air long enough to send the beast into the sun's core from Earth, with a punch strong enough to break his fist. He knew that the Sun would at least be able to slow the monster's healing for a while, if it didn't kill it.

The Justice League, who was battling the Butcher in space, noticed Mark's battle with the creature, and sent some of their heavy hitters to deal with the creature.

Mark returns to Earth to see Ken holding Destin's body, and weeping uncontrollably.

Heartache Edit

For these next few months, Ken wouldn't speak. He went to his classes, and did his work, but when he got to the team base, he wouldn't talk. He hadn't smiled since he last spent time with Destin. He began looking sickly, and once he graduated with an associates in chemistry, he began acting recklessly.

During one mission he nearly killed the villain, and left his minions hospitalized. He still didn't talk, but he gave off an aggressive attitude towards the team. He always left his room missing a limb, and it was later discovered that he had begun self-harming. He took up drinking again, even though it had little to no lasting effects. He began sleeping with several of the women on the team, and even once brought a meta-human girl from a bar to their secret base.The team had had enough, and decided that until he could get his act together, or would actually talk to them, he was out.

Using his money from his new job as a chemical technician, he bought an apartment in Gotham, and began bringing girls back regularly. This wasn't enough though, because he wanted to suffer more, but still keep his job, so he could afford to bring Destin's grave flowers every week. He decided to take up underground cage fighting.

He found that he was good at it, but it wasn't enough, he needed more pain. He later quit, and took to looking for meta caged fighting, and he found it. It was ruthless, and he found himself challenged quite well with a few opponents, even once taking on Lobo in a fight for the century, and won by a technicality, since Lobo decided to resort to tearing down the place, which got him disqualified, and several bounties on his head.

He later took to advanced meta combat tournaments, which proved difficult, but manageable. His win/lose streak wasn't bad, but he definitely could have done better. Over the course of the next year he learned several fighting styles to better his odds in the tournaments, and utilized his knowledge of every science to his advantage. They would cheer his stage name whenever he would walk to the cage, Pagan, though they also knew him as Superboy X. Their excitement would show clearly, because they knew they were going to see one hell of a fight.

One night, the fights began to go to his head, and it would cost him.

He was in the locker room getting ready for a fight, and he began to think about Destin. As tears began to stream down his face he became enraged. He wiped the tears from his eyes, and tore out his lacrimal glands. He didn't want to cry, not tonight. He wiped the blood from his face, and walked to the ring.

The crowd was silent, as they stared at the open wounds where his eyelids used to be, they slowly healed shut. He knew his tear ducts would take longer, since he rubbed acid on the muscles connected to the ducts, to prevent them from healing before the end of the fight, which he knew would be over in less than a minute, because he didn't plan to hold back. The bastard he called out had insulted his ex-team, and Destin, saying he should have been the one sleeping in the same room as her (an old story that had gotten around, after one young member said he noticed that they slept in the same room), and not realizing that they were actually engaged, rather than simply dating. The crowd knew he was pissed, and so did his opponent, who foolishly let out a couple more insults as the bell rang.

Ken didn't waste time, and immediately crushed the meta's jaw, causing him to scream. The meta began trying to defend himself by firing off acid blasts, which missed Ken, and hit a couple men in the crowd. The meta's body began to heal, and he took to the air trying to rain down an unstoppable wave of acid to try and suppress Ken's regenerative abilities, but Ken immediately utilized his parkour skills to reach his opponent, and slam him to the ground, head first. He began bashing the man in the chest and face with a quick barrage of punches. For the first time in a year and several months, he spoke. He told the man that he wasn't going to hold back his strength, since the man had regenerative abilities, and was near his strength level.

The man's eyes widened in fear as one was gouged out. He knew the Ken meant business, because he never spoke to anyone, while he was there, ever. The man crawled away, and admitted defeat, but Ken still let loose on him, until an appointed referee told him it was enough. His opponent's body was broken, bones protruding from his chest, legs, arms, back, knees, hip, and shoulders to which Ken simply remarked that he had made the man his bitch, just like he would the monster that killed her, when he saw it again.

Broken Edit

Ken won the match, and horrified the crowd in the process. The victim was the champion, and no body could defeat him, but tonight he was defeated, brutally. He knew that the only reason he was left the one eye was to watch Ken walk out of the ring, easily victorious. They dragged the champion out of the ring as Ken entered the locker room. He quickly got changed, and left.

As he stepped outside, he was stopped by four large men. He could tell they were metas, because they wouldn't have messed with him, considering what they just saw, unless they had some serious fire power. He looked at one, and asked what they wanted.

They stated that their boss had placed a lot of money on the acid user, and was pissed that he lost, so they were there to collect from him, in blood. He simply told them to tell their boss to "go fuck himself", because it wasn't his fault that their boss was stupid and bet on a cocky fool who had just angered the guy who had nothing to lose. They snidely remarked that he did have something to lose, his powers. They quickly drew a ray gun, and shot him with it. His body immediately felt significantly weaker, and knew he was in trouble. He quickly looked around for a weapon, which happened to be the chain that one of them was wielding. They took their stances, and he took his. His goal was the chain, theirs' was his well being. They swung, he dodged, and he immediately disarmed the man holding the chain. He used two of his emergency magics he learned from Angel (before the fight with Doomsday, but he was too inexperienced at the time to safely use it) to strengthen the chain, and allow him to strike harder, while wielding it. He whipped the men across their faces with the chain, aiming for their softer spots, while dodging their attacks.

He swung the chain again in a powerful blow, catching one in the temple, and knocking him unconscious. He then lands on the back of another guard, wrapped the chain around his neck, pull as tight as he could, and quickly tied the chain to where it wouldn't come loose. As the meta struggled with his chain, Ken moved on to another meta. He punched the meta in his throat, which caused the meta to gasp. He then kicked the meta in the groin, and stomped his head into the wall, knocking him unconscious. The meta struggling with the chain falls, unconscious. Ken quickly recovers the chain, and swings it, catching the last meta straight in the eyes. This sent the meta backwards as he reeled in pain. He then continuously beat the meta with the chain, until the meta was unconscious, and very bloody. He left the scene, thinking it was over, but later on as he arrived at the doorstep of his apartment, it blew up, sending him flying 3 stories down, and onto a car.

He awoke in the hospital with a broken leg , a collapsed lung, a damaged liver, several shattered ribs, a broken collar bone, a broken hand, 3rd degree burns, a scar where a piece of wood from the door had been lodged in his chest and had to be removed, a fractured skull, a dislocated shoulder, and the knee on his un-broken leg fractured. The nurses told him that he would be hospitalized for several months due to his condition, and considering his options, she wouldn't advise him trying to go vigilante. She then checked him to see if he was breathing fine, and his heart beat, which was slightly irregular from the impalement. He asked the nurse what her name was, she said it was Judith Evers, and he thanked her for her help. She told him he was welcome, and to wait for his doctor, who wanted to run some tests.

The doctor took him to the x-ray room, and took several x-rays, then began questioning him about his condition, given that his file indicated he had regenerative powers. He simply told the doctor that he was stripped of the powers. The doctor then informed him that the police would be there to see him in the morning to talk about the incident. He was then taken back to his room, where he watched tv, then fell asleep. Judith would stop by to check on him, when she would get off of work, and they would later enter a relationship, until he left the hospital.

The next several months saw him working with the police to uncover who the men were, and after their arrests, testifying against them. They had very powerful lawyers, and got off free. Ken was massively disappointed, so he tapped into his savings, and bought several college books of law online, as well as several books written on law for extra measure, and began studying. He then fought for a re-trial, and was successful in putting the men away for 10-15 years. He ended up working with the police to further uproot their entire organization, and put every member away for life. He then returned to training heavily, and later mastering several martial arts.

Revival Edit

Over time his powers began to slowly return to him, and he decided to dawn a new name, because he had outgrown his old outfit, and it reminded him of Destin too much. He chose Azifer, and made his suit to physically appear as a slightly dragon-like, while having a modern, lightly armored look to it with a metal mask. The suits colors were red, gold, and silver. Since his powers were still quite weak, he took up magic to compensate, despite his disdain for it. He found that he was quite skilled with magic, and he learned quite quickly. He used his newly acquired magical abilities to aid him in combat, and even once helped take down Zod. He collected scrap metals from the kryptonian technology, and used it to construct a super strong chain weapon that he called the Dragon's Tail. He also took the time to master/hone armed combat, some forms of swordsmanship, his detective skills, and several other skills.

He lost his job, but had managed to save up enough money in his 401k through a checking account at his bank that he had deposited most of his money over the year, as well as some smart investing to retire early. He used a bit of the money to buy a guitar, and began singing in several bars as a cover. He was smart enough to go by his super hero alias when cage fighting, and even changed his look with some minor magics to protect his identity, so he didn't have to worry about anyone noticing him at any of the bars. He was getting his life back together, because he remembered that Destin wouldn't want him in pain.... unless they were alone, and she was turned on.

One day he decided to go to a park, and to enjoy a sandwich. He had moved back to Metropolis, and gotten a nice house. He decided to be extra safe with this house, so that he wouldn't have to worry about re-occurring events, and fortified it with several layers of security systems, and reinforcements for the walls. As he enjoyed his sandwich, he noticed a gleam of sapphire lights in the air. He walks down the street and disappears into an ally, and exits the opposite side in his Azifer outfit, then used a magical spell to teleport to the scene.

Love Burns Bright Edit

As he stepped outside of the portal, he sees a a large, pinkish-purple creature. He immediately readies himself for combat, but notices Hal Jordan and several other lanterns, Star Sapphires included, trying to capture the beast, so he instead runs over, and asks what needs to be done. Hal asks him to help some of the fallen lanterns recover, then use his abilities to help restrain the creature for a trip off planet.

He begins going around, and using restorative magics to heal the injured lanterns, and Star Sapphires, but as he heals several Star Sapphires, he looks into their eyes, and something strange happens. Afterwards, he began using his magic to construct a giant sigil that would erect a massive sphere of magical energy around the target to contain it. The beast was restrained long enough for him to complete his spell, and capture it in the powerful magic. Hal thanked him for his help, asking his name in the process. Ken simply said that Hal was welcome and that his alias was Azifer.

Several Star Sapphires approached Ken to thank him for his help, and they all seemed to be of the same race. They had light blue skin, a humanoid appearance, four fingers on each hand, emerald colored eyes, long black hair, pointed ears, human like eyes (but slightly larger), average sized lips, average sized noses, moderately thin, slightly busty, and in good shape, though they had their own differences. They each introduced their self. The curviest one was Runik Sanu. The shier one with the sweeter personality was Nula Mina. The sister with the brighter eyes, and softest voice was M'ari I'nsitia. The one with the lighter, and softer skin, as well as the wilder personality was Vir'en Tu'Sa. The final one with the rounder face, larger eyes, and slightly thicker legs was Anar'ah Ves'siche.

They commended him for his swiftness of action, and proper handling of the situation. He noticed that they seemed distracted, and he asked them if they were ok, because they seemed nervous. They praised him for his deductive skills, and admitted that they were interested in him as their mate. He was bewildered, and asked what made them decide on him, and they admitted that it was his kind personality, the dedication he showed in the heat of battle, and when he locked eyes with them. He was confused by the latter, and they explained that their species normally doesn't live long, if they don't find an acceptable mate, and when they've chosen their mate, they'll lock eyes with the chosen mate, exchange memories, and to complete the mating ritual, they share a kiss that binds their nerves together temporarily, and allows them to take minor samples of their mate's species' genetic code for their metamorphosis that results in them slightly resembling the race of their mate, and to properly mate with much fewer complications.

He asks then how they feel about the idea of sharing a mate between them, and they tell him that their species is much like that of humans, back several thousand years, polygamous. The women can mate themselves with another male, along with Ken, but the mixture of genetics causes a higher risk of developmental problems for the offspring. Next, He asked them what alien race they were, and they told him, A'erians. They admitted that the guardians never considered them their own race, because of their mating habits. He then asked them if the eye aspect of their mating worked through psionics, which they answered yes to. He then asked them what would happen to them if he declined, and they explained that they would have to find another suitable mate, but given their age, which was 5 in human years and 28 in their years, they would more than likely die before they found another potential mate that they deemed worthy, especially since he's a meta-human who can access the emotional spectrum.

He was surprised at how honest, and calm they were about explaining everything. He didn't want to doom them to a fruitless search that would result in their deaths, and he figured it was about time that he tried a new chance at love, so he agreed to their offer. They were happy, and one by one exchanged a kiss with him. They then told him that it would take a couple days for the process to complete, so they would need a safe place to stay during their transformation. He told them that he had a house not too far from there, but they were going to need to do something about concealing them, since people weren't used to aliens much.

He asked them if they were clothed when they put on their rings, and they replied yes, but it was far more revealing in nature, since their race normally seeks to pair up quickly, after a certain age, and their race isn't as discouraged about their sexuality as some of the cultures of Earth. He decides that they should just use a portal, even though he is already exhausted. He summons a sigil that then opens a portal to his house that closes after they all walk through.

They each step into one of the empty rooms upstairs that he hadn't been using, and they began oozing a clear liquid from their bodies as the walked in a circular motion. The liquid slowly began to turn into a crystal-like substance that they continued to build with their secretions, until they had shaped a crystalline bed-like nest. The nest was big enough to fit them all comfortably as they lay onto it, and let the secretions cover their bodies in a couple layers as they sunk into the nest. Ken then states that this was a strange day.

A couple days go by, and Ken decides to pop his head in to check on the ladies, and finds that they have taken on several more human-like features. Their skin had lost most of its blue tint, and was more light tan. They each had grown a fifth finger for each hand, while the hands seemed to have adjusted their sizes to fit the fingers appropriately. They were becoming somewhat human. This threw him off, and made him wonder if other aliens could do the same thing. He decided to go out for a walk, and relax for the day.

He came home later, and went to bed. The next day he went to check on the ladies, and discovered that they were even more human like, but he also discovered ridges appearing along their bodies. He stayed up several hours pondering how they would look, when they emerged in a couple days.

The next day he decided to go out and look for any trouble around the city. As he began to leave his room in his civilian clothing, he smelled a really sweet scent from the ladies' room. It drew him in, and his body began to feel warm and seemed to move on its own. It was coming from the nest, and the ladies' eyes were open. He guessed that they were emitting a special pheromone that would attract their mate, and a damn powerful one too.

Their bodies were almost completely human looking, except for the blue tattoo like markings that appeared across their arms, legs, hips, backs, and stomach areas, and their short, pointed ears. There was apparently an issue, since his genetics were recently damaged, so they needed him to join them in the nest, so that they could connect their nerves with his, and they could extract a continuous supply of DNA. This would allow their bodies to analyze his damaged DNA, and any un-damaged DNA to have a finished sample of his meta-human genetics to complete their transformation, while allowing their body to know what needed to be fixed. He learned this later, after their transformation was completed.

He later awakens, clothes covered in the clear liquid. The ladies stood next to him, not as human in appearance, since their bodies had grown several blue dots along them, as well as retractable insect-like wings. He questioned them about him being attracted to the nest, and they explained why they had drawn him to it. He told them that they were an interesting race, which they took as a compliment. He then went to the bath room, got into his bath tub, and took a shower.

He told the ladies that they were going to need some clothing, so they asked to borrow some of his clothing, which he agreed to. Luckily, he had some old shirts of his that were around their size, and some boxers and sweatpants they could wear. They left the house, and got into the car with Ken.

They arrive at a local women's clothing store, and go inside. The ladies look around in awe at the many styles of clothing, and start asking for almost everything in the store. Ken tells them that he can't buy everything, but he can buy them several sets of clothing each, so the ladies carefully choose what they really want most. Ken ended up spending a large amount of money, which he could make back within several weeks with some cage fighting or some stock tricks he had learned from Bruce.

The ladies ask him where they could get some nutrition, because they heard their stomachs calling for sustenance. Ken chuckled and told them that there was an Italian place near his house. They order pasta and salad, and Ken asks them about how they became Star Sapphires. The ladies explained that they had each lost family in the war on their planet, and their love for all their lost family members managed to attract a lantern ring. Ken pointed out that their was five of them, but they said only one ring appeared. They admitted that they used to be one being, but when they came of age, they split into six separate beings. It was common in their species, but not everyone of them does it.

One day, as they were headed out to a movie, several Sinestro Corps members appeared. They had come to take out the Star Sapphires they had detected in the area, and began attacking the ladies. The ladies allowed their suits to show, and began defending themselves from the lanterns, while Ken ran into the nearby ally to use his magical skills to change into his suit quickly. He flew out of the ally, and attacked the nearest Sinestro Corps member. He was a large, fanged creature, and was quite savage. He called himself Arkillo, and used his ring to speak, stating that he would kill Ken for interfering. Ken utilized several fighting styles that he had mastered during his time cage fighting, and a few spells to counter the powers of Arkillo's ring. Ken told Arkillo that he had faced the Sinestro Corps before, but he hadn't heard of Arkillo. He told Ken that he was out on a mission, when the rest of the Corps attacked.

Ken hit him with a hard right, while the Dragon's tail sliced his face from Ken's left. Arkillo charged Ken, knocking him through a nearby building, and into the ocean. Ken opens a portal, and goes through, coming out at Arkillo's feet. Ken hits him with a hard uppercut that sends him flying up to the upper Stratosphere. The ladies were handling the battle quite well, and had managed to defeat their opponents. They told him that something was wrong with their rings, and that they had to leave. They each gave him a passionate kiss, admitted their love for him, and told him they would be back as soon as they could, then left to Zamaron.

As he began to head home, Ken noticed a golden figure that had landed down the road. It was Arkillo, and he was injured, but his ring's minor healing ability was allowing his body to recover gradually. Ken told Arkillo that there was no point in him staying, since his targets were gone. Arkillo stated that he had a damn good reason to stay, to kill Ken.

Ken simply chuckled, because Arkillo wasn't aware of the fact that Ken was a meta, or that his powers had almost fully returned. Ken decided to use his natural abilities to defeat Arkillo. Arkillo lunges at him, bearing his fangs, ready to kill, but Ken blasts him in the mouth with a hand blast, which causes Arkillo to fall to the ground in great pain as smoke flowed from his mouth. Ken remarks on Arkillo's reckless nature being his ultimate downfall. He proceeded to grab Arkillo's leg, and use a magic sigil to launch him in the air at Mach 200. Once he reaches the upper atmosphere, he flings Arkilllo's unconscious body with all of his might, sending him flying past the moon.

He knew that Arkillo would return to wherever he came from, after such a defeat, and plan his revenge.

Kryptonian Blood Edit

It had been a couple weeks, and Ken had contacted his old team, asking them if he could return. They said he was welcomed, so long as he wasn't still bitter. He went to their old secret hideout, and discovered that they had made it an open superhero headquarters, because the team had grown significantly in his absence. They had even recruited a couple of kind kryptonian survivors.

One was named Bah-Nix, he was an elderly man with only one arm. He was kind, and incredibly proud of Kryptonian culture, and was eager to share it with whoever would listen. He had bleach blond hair, slightly muscular build, and was quite wise. There were two women, one was Weh-Nix, and she was the niece of Bah-Nix. She was incredibly friendly, and sweet, but she was also tough, and he was told that she is quite ruthless in battle. She had long blond hair, was nicely built body wise, quite intelligent, and wore a traditional kryptonian clothing, like her uncle. The other woman was Rin-Tra, her "House" wasn't a high ranking one, but she didn't look the part. She was absolutely beautiful, even putting models to absolute shame. She had a slightly thin, curvy body. She had sparkling baby blue eyes, brown, flowing, long hair, supple, lightly tanned skin, and a heart warming smile. Her voice was soothing and soft, and her skin was incredibly soft and smooth. She introduced herself in a formal manner, and held herself with incredible grace. Ken remarked that he found it hard to believe that she wasn't a princess, because of her grace, and formality. She giggled, and said her thanks. He noticed she seemed too take great care of herself, because she appeared very clean. She told him that she loved grace and composure, but she loved to relax even more, and was even more ruthless in battle than Weh-Nix. Had the team not informed her of Earth's moral code concerning heroes, she'd have ended up being labeled a villain.

Ken took a shine to Rin-Tra, and found her quite charming, which he stated. She chuckled, and thanked him again with a seductive smile. Mark then proceeded to introduce him to more new members of the team, like a boy who could control mutant dinosaurs, or the Atlantean girl who was skilled with water magic. The team had recruited all kind of people, aliens, and even several magical races, like a Bygd, an Amazon, and 3 Feitherans.

Ken was excited to see the team grow so much, but was sad that he wasn't there to see it. Mark had nearly finished with the line of several new members and they got to the Havanian, when the Havanian jumped out of the line and hugged Ken, which stunned him. She quickly introduced herself. Her name was Arris, and she had traveled to Earth to get away from Havania, after she reached adulthood, because she found Havania boring, and wanted to see what the excitement was on Earth. She had black hair, blue skin, green eyes, a great body, black wings, and rose lips. She was fun loving, but also quite responsible. She was well taken care of, and smelled very sweetly. Her green eyes resembled jade stones, and her lush lips looked tender to touch. Her teeth were a stunning pearly white, and her skin was incredibly soft and smooth. Her voice wasn't as soothing as Rin-Tra's, but it was still quite soothing. She was quite flirtatious, or it seemed that way to Ken, and was also quite an open minded person willing to try new ideas, and views on life. She disliked racism of any kind, and didn't believe in being subservient to a man. She also disliked misandry, and man shaming. She seemed to love peace and prosperity. She wore what looked to be Nth metal shoulder pads, kryptonian armor and a utility belt, and wielded a mace covered in several magic sigils.

Arris noticed Ken's stunned look, and seized the opportunity to steal a kiss, which clearly bugged Rin-Tra, who told her she couldn't take advantage of him the way she did. Arris simply smirked, winked at Ken, then returned to the line.

Ken asked Mark what it was about, and Mark told him that he and Bruce had documented their adventures in the base's Quantum Computer (which is 450,000 times more powerful than a super computer) for the new recruits to look at. He told Ken that Rin-Tra, and Arris had seemed interested in Ken and Mark, because of their bravery and will power, but since Mark was taken, Ken had become their main choice.

Ken wasn't too surprised, since it had happened before, but he questioned the credibility of the explanation, because he knew there were other reasons. From what he read (body language) on Rin, she liked his courage, but also his raw power, while Arris loved his willingness to sacrifice himself for his friends, but seemed to know far more than she let on. He decided to investigate further, later. He finished the tour of the new base, and asked Mark if he would be returning to his old position, or taking up a new one. Mark told him that his old position was taken, but they had begun teaching disguise and acting lessons, and given his past, he was eligible. Ken took the position, and was then redirected to his new room. Ken explained that he had his own place, but Mark insisted, because villains had managed to track to heroes back to their houses, and killed them. Ken was confident he could handle it, until Mark told him that these villains had developed indestructible technology that could render healing and regeneration abilities inactive for at least 3 days. Ken admitted to hearing of the villains, but not the tech to which Mark proceeded to take him to the computer, and pull up the files they had on the killers. One perpetrator seemed to be a Joker goon, but the other sent a chill down Ken's spine.

It was Doom Child, but the computer had him labelled as BlockBasher. Ken mentioned it to Mark who explained that Doom Child had taken up a new name, after his resurrection, and had begun hunting down heroes with a squadron of his new goons and allies. The two heroes recently killed were new heroes. One was an electric magic wielder who had a public identity, and owned a power company. The other one shocked Ken, it was the meta from the cage fights, the acid shooter. Mark explained that the acid shooter had been arrested, after a cage fighting scandal, and was released for good behavior, after deciding to turn his life around.

Ken couldn't get to sleep, because he couldn't stop thinking about the weapon. He needed to know what it was, what powered it, and how it worked. He needed to know how a moron like Doom Child/BlockBasher had been able to develop such a weapon. He had also noticed a physical change to BlockBasher. He was much larger, and he seemed a good bit stronger. His door cracks open, and squeaks. He turns his head to see Rin-Tra standing at his door wearing a night gown. He asks her what she wants, and she tells him that she couldn't sleep, then asks if she could sit and talk with him. He agrees, and she sits on the bed with him.

She apologizes for Arris' rudeness earlier, but Ken says it's fine. She explains that she and Arris had actually met before joining the team. They were part of a team of mercenaries for 3 years, and were actually friends, but Arris was always too reckless, and would even put the team at risk. She explained that she left the team, because she had met Bah, and Weh at an outpost, and they knew the way to Earth, which she had been looking for due to the stories of Superman. She had been wanting to meet the famed hero.

Ken knew that she wasn't being entirely honest, and told her to tell him the truth. She looked startled, then admitted that she was there concerning Superman, but it was to challenge him, to determine if he really was as great as they say. If he was, she would try to have children with him, but if he wasn't, then she would move on to another potential mate. She then asked how Ken knew she was dishonest, and he explained that he had heard of them watching the tapes, and that Mark had seen how they reacted to the power, rather than the team work.

Ken asked her why she would seek out a mate for just power, and she explains that she didn't like being from a lower ranked family than most kryptonians, so she would always act like one of the higher ranked family members, when she was a little girl, which gained her respect, but it wasn't enough for her. She couldn't do anything for a while, though, because Brainiac was holding them captive in the shrunken city, and wouldn't free them. They remained that way for several years, until Superman freed them. After he freed them, she decided to become a mercenary for a while, and earn herself some power. This was where she met Arris, but they didn't get along, and as soon as she got the chance, she left. Since becoming a mercenary failed, she decided to marry into power. She had heard that Superman was actually Kal-El, son of Jor-El the famed scientist, so she decided that he was the best pick, but he turned out to be married to a human. She decided to give up for a while, after that, and she went back to live with her family. After New Krypton was destroyed, she and her family lived on Earth, where they became super powerful. She and her family would later fight to survive the Final Crisis, and The Blackest Night, but afterwards would be left in peace.

Once she hit the age of 19, she moved out of her parents' home, and sought to become a hero. She tried at several hero teams, but was kicked out for her ruthless fighting style. This occurred for a year, before she had finally found The New Life Initiative, and was accepted in to stay, which turned out to be a month before he returned. He asked her her current age, and she says that she is 20. She asks him his in return, and he says he's 21.

Ken could tell she was being honest now, so he relaxed a little. She then admitted that she had begun her search again, because she decided that she would only want the best for her future children. Ken could tell she was still being honest, which caused him to relax more. He told her to consider personality over just power, because there are very powerful beings out in the universe that would kill her without any consideration as to how she feels. She chuckles and tells him that she already does. She's telling the truth, once again.

Ken has become quite relaxed. He was happy to see that the power hungry, pleasant, personification of poetic beauty had at least taken personality into consideration. Seeing her opportunity, Rin-Tra moved in for a kiss, slowly. Ken moved in for the kiss as well. They enjoyed a moment of bliss as their lips touched, and their hearts fluttered. They both loved the feeling, because they knew it was a clear signal that they had found someone they were genuinely interested in.

She bids him goodnight a couple minutes later, after more talking, gave him another kiss, and left to her room. Ken was happy, and she had relieved him of his stressful thoughts, for a while. He was happy that he was able to move on, rather than killing himself. He was happy that he had learned his hero's real name. He was happy that such a stunning woman had taken interest in him, even if one of her main motivations was a bit shallow. He goes to sleep with a smile on his face, and dreams of older, good times, as well as the possible future for the team, a bright one.

Ken awakes from a good night's sleep, and takes a second to lay in the bed enjoying the peace and quiet, until he hears a soft exhale. He turns his head to see Arris lying next to him, nude. He pokes her shoulder a four times, and she wakes up. She looks at him, smiles, kisses him, gets dressed, then lays her head across his lap. He asks her what she's doing, and she simply says that she's relaxing. He asks her why she's doing it in his room, and she tells him that she can relax better around him. He asks her how she knows, and she tells him that she noticed it when she first met him a couple days before.

[Flashback] Edit

Ken thinks back to a couple days before. He had just cleaned the rest of the cocoon out of his house, and went walking. His powers had fully returned, and he decided to go out and explore. He thought of how he hadn't gone to space yet, and used some magic to enable him to fly. He flew out of the atmosphere, and enjoyed the quiet and vast beauty of space. All of the stars glowed with radiant bliss, the planets slowly turned in a synchronized dance, and time itself seemed to slow to a stand still. Ken was enjoying the peace, until he felt a bite. He looked at the spot he felt it come from, but he saw nothing. He knew it would take a long time for him to explore the galaxy, so he decided to go home, but was then blind sided by something flying at incredible speeds, sending them both crashing to Earth.

Ken got up, and brushed himself off. He heard a grunt, and what sounded like a tire deflating. He looked down to see a blue skinned girl in armor lying on the ground. She looked to be in great pain, and was convulsing. Ken looked her over, and checked her body. He found that she had a collapsed lung, and that she was an alien, rather than simply a meta. He began to freak out, since he didn't know how to handle an alien, but he quickly calmed himself, knowing that it wouldn't solve anything. She grabs his arm with pleading eyes, and he tells her that he will help her. She doesn't seem to understand, so he activates some healing magic to keep her alive, and soothe her pain. He then takes a moment to activate a small universal translator device he had from his days with his team to deduce her language. He puts the device towards her and motions for her speak. She speaks, and the device quickly deduces that she is Havanian. It begins translating their conversation as he tells her that he is using some magics to keep her alive, and soothe her pain. She says that she is aware, and thanks him. She apologizes for crashing into him, and explains that she was traveling to Earth looking to escape her world. He tells her that it is fine, and asks her if he may pick her up. She gives him permission, and he explains that the authorities would come to the crash site, and want to take her into custody, since she was an alien. She thanks him again for his kindness, and he flies her to his house, landing on the balcony.

He brings her inside the house, and sits her on the chaise. He continues to heal her, now minor, wounds. She introduces herself, and he introduces himself in turn. He finishes healing her up, and is about to send her on her way, when she asks him if she could stay there. She begs with a soft, sweet tone, and rub Ken's arm. He gives in to her pleading, and lets her stay the night, sensing no ill will.

He explained Earth life to her, since she had been asking him about different aspects of Earth life, while he cooked dinner. He then asked her how it smelled to her. She said it smelled delicious, and ate some food. After dinner, Ken directed her to the guest bedroom, and asked her if her species slept. She replied yes, and they went to their separate rooms to sleep.

He lays in his bed, thinking about his odd life, and remembering the Star Sapphires. He wondered when they would return, and how they were doing. He knew in his heart that he missed them, but they did have work to do. He began to wonder what their important task was, and what was taking them so long, then he heard a soft knock on his door.

He answers it, and sees Arris standing at the door, naked. He's shocked, activates the translator, and asks her why she is naked. She explains that she prefers to sleep in the nude. He asks her what she wants, to which she responds with a kiss, and a seductive smile. She said that she wanted to thank him for saving her.

As she moved her lips towards his for another kiss, Ken felt a tingling in his heart. He knew he had found her attractive, but he was conflicted, since he barely knew her. Her soft lips only made it harder for him to resist, as well as the feeling of her warm body pressed against his as they embraced. He gave in to the embrace, and kissed her with a passion. They moved to the bed, and spent the night in each other's arms.

Ken awakes the next morning with a smile on his face, though nude. He gets up, and gets dressed, then checks the time. It's 12 noon, and he had not even had breakfast yet. He knew he had no need for it, but it was still a pleasure for his taste buds, though he did treasure the after taste of Arris' body, he enjoyed the taste of breakfast more. Arris, sensing his movement, awoke, and embraced him with a kiss. Activating the translator, he asks her how she is feeling. She simply smiles, and pushes the little floating robot back, then kisses him again. They ate breakfast, and spent the day together. The next day Ken would awake to a note on his nightstand that, when translated, read of her thanks to him for his help and the great time she had, though his cooking needed a bit of work. She said that she would be back later, then there was a flash of light.

Ken sat there, wondering how he had gotten this mysterious note, who it was from, and why his translator lay deactivated on the floor.

[End of Flashback] Edit

Ken looks at Arris with a scolding look on his face, and she sticks her tongue out at him, kisses him, then skips out of his door. She makes sure to stop and flash him her panties, before stepping out of the door, as a way of teasing him about him temporarily losing his memories of that night.

Ken had just finished helping cook for the team, when he felt it, an incredible pain began to shoot through his body, and he collapsed, screaming in pain. Arris, Rin-Tra, Mark, Bruce, and several other members of the team had the same sudden reaction, but Ken was the only one bleeding profusely from every pore in his skin, even bleeding out of his eyes. They were all immediately rushed to the medical wing.

Bruce was the first to wake up, and had discovered that his electrical capabilities were significantly enhanced. Mark awoke to discover that he could manipulate the earth around him. Rin-Tra discovered that her body had been enhanced to be twice as powerful overall, her mental powers amplified a thousand fold, and she gained knowledge of multiple aspects of the emotional spectrum and their rings. Arris found that her magical abilities had been expanded to divine magics, like that of the Spectre's, her physiology was enhanced enough to rival that of a solar charged Kryptonian, and her skills with armed and unarmed combat vastly expanded upon. Several other members would awake to find that they had gained powers, had their powers enhanced, or had even gained more powers. Everyone had awoken, except for Ken, who almost seemed lifeless due to his unresponsive state.

Bruce, and several other members of The N.L.I. began investigating the cause, and had discovered microscopic robots in their blood. Bruce took several samples to analyze how else the team could use such technology in a desperate moment. A few seconds later, they heard it a loud, booming voice seemed to engulf everything. It demanded the return of something called Exobytes, and Earth's surrender. The N.L.I knew the voice, it was Brainiac, and he had returned!

Dawn of the Brainiac War Edit

The N.L.I began preparing for an all out war, after a couple weeks of dealing with the fallout. Bruce had designed new prison cells for the Incarceration Wing. These cells were fortified enough to hold even a Red Lantern Doomsday on Venom. Mark, Rin-Tra, Bruce, Arris, and several other experienced members unified to form a training counsel to drill new recruits and crash courses. The training was intense, but the new recruits would come out well trained fighters, even able to hold their own against masters, like Batman.

Unfortunately, Ken was in a coma, though his body was showing signs of recovery from the heavy damage it had received. In fact, his body recovered very fast, even faster than usual. Bruce discovered, after analyzing the exobytes and Ken, that Ken's body was changed as well. His exobytes had infused his body with Kryptonian genetics, but his genetics had initially rejected the Kryptonian genetics. This was what caused the profuse bleeding and excruciating pain. The damage the initial rejection caused drove Ken into a coma, while his body analyzed the Kryptonian genetics. Bruce shared this info with the team, and assured them that Ken would make a full recovery.

Knowing the power he would wield, Bruce contacted Superman, and talked with him about assisting Ken with his newly developed Kryptonian abilities. Superman agreed, because he knew of the threat it could present to the world to have such a powerful being that was unable to control his strength. Bruce then put Superman in contact with Bah-Nix, and they discussed Ken's training.

When Ken finally awoke, he was greeted by Superman and Bah-Nix. They explained his increase in power, but also an anomaly Bruce discovered within his genetics that caused a flaw in his Kryptonian power development. This flaw slowed his ability to absorb and process sunlight, but also caused his strength to increase exponentially.

Superman began training Ken the next day, and quite rigorously. After almost a month of training, and supervised missions, Superman decided that Ken's strength was unable to be simply controlled. They then went to work designing a new suit for Ken that would help him regulate and suppress his strength.

During the events of Fight For The Light, Ken would begin displaying an ability to access multiple powers of the Emotional Spectrum. This first occurred when he fought Atrocitus, who sought to bring Ken into his ranks by instilling rage in him. This was met with a blast of blood plasma from Ken, who had yet to give in entirely, and receive a ring. Atrocitus, Kyle Rayner, and Abin Sur, despite their emotionally charged states, were taken back by the sudden outburst. His team was surprised as well.

Powers and Abilities: Edit

Reality Warping Manifestation and Resistance

Due to exposure to extra-dimensional energies, Ken's body absorbed the energy, and is very slowly evolving to replicate the energies. Unaided, Batman estimated that the process will take his body about 200,000 years to complete. After which, the powers will begin to manifest, and he will have to get used to them, and controlling them. Exposure to the energies, along with the slow evolution of his body and his already present resistance to molecular manipulation, has caused Ken to develop the ability to resist reality warping energies, but it does take conscious effort on his part. He can use magic to temporarily access the powers, but it does put a strain on his body.

Expert in Law

Kryptonian/Meta Hybrid Physiology

His all around physiology is enhanced by Kryptonian genetics from Kal-El, which granted him the regular powers of a kryptonian, but he is significantly stronger and tougher due to the kryptonian physiology mixing perfectly with his meta physiology, causing the two power sets two add to one another.

Kryptonian Physiology

  • Super Speed
  • Super Strength
  • Invulnerability
  • Super Sight
  • Super Reflexes
  • Super Thought
  • Able to see the electrmagnetic spectrum.
  • Heat Vision
  • Microscopic Vision
  • X-ray Vision
  • Telescopic Vision
  • Infrared Vision
  • Flight
  • Able to vibrate his molecules to phase through attacks or turn invisible
  • Freeze Breath
  • Super Breath
  • Self Sustenance
  • Thermal Resistance
  • Bio-Electric Aura
  • Super Metabolism
  • Eidetic Memory
  • Immunity to all Earth ailments
  • Slowed Solar Radiation Absorption - Due to his kryptonian genetics, he can absorb yellow solar rays to become stronger, but due to the same malfunction that significantly increased his strength, he absorbs and metabolizes yellow and blue solar energy at a much, much slower rate. Where it would take Superman only 15 minutes in the sun to easily move The War World, while it was flying at him at near the speed of light, it would take Ken (if he were at superman's strength level) 15 hrs to gain the same solar charge.

Meta Physiology

  • Super Strength - Base strength of around 150,000,000 - 17,000,000,000 tons
  • Super Memory
  • Super Endurance
  • Regeneration
  • Immortality - After he turned 18, his body stopped aging due to his natural meta capabilities.
  • Self Immolation and Pyrokinesis - He could produce, and manipulate fire to his will. He could also increase the intensity, or reduce the intensity of his flames.
  • Self Detonation - Ken could release energy from his body to produce an explosion equal to 15 atomic bombs detonating. This would damage his body, requiring him to recover.
  • Minor Energy Manipulation
  • Super Thought
  • Fire Immunity
  • Super Reflexes
  • Super Stamina
  • Near Immunity To Ailments
  • Super Metabolism
  • Molecular Manipulation Resistance - Can protect himself from molecular manipulation through self induced molecular manipulation. The process acts like an organ controlled by the autonomic system. If his molecules are attacked by foreign energies (whether magical or otherwise), his molecules automatically begin fighting the manipulation, and reset to their proper positions.
  • Energy Projection - Due to his meta physiology, he can project blasts of photons, electrons, protons, or flaming blasts of energy from his hands and mouth. The blasts are strong enough to melt steel, and, when shot at full power, could obliterate an asteroid 1 1/2 times the planet Earth, at the risk of destroying Ken (before exobyte enhancement). Due to his evolving powers, and kryptonian genetics, his blasts have expanded to being able to utilize multiple energies, including gold kryptonite (though it hurts him some in the process).
  • Super Adrenaline Rush - Ken's natural meta-human physiology granted him an all around enhanced human physiology far beyond the normal limits of even the most well developed humans, but it also amplified the potency of Ken's adrenaline immensely. It's potent enough to kill a human who ingests a single droplet, and Batman of the New 52 Earth considered having the league use it as a power source for his Hell Bat Suit. Ken refused, since he knew Batman would become even more over-confident. The adrenaline increases his strength, and overall physiology, immensely.Though it empowers him, it can also damage his body. Once he calms down, the strain the "hyper adrenaline" induces takes effect, and can rend him temporarily immobile. Before his exobyte enhancement, he would be immobilized for about 5 minutes before he could even walk again. After his exobytes, he is immobilized for about a minute at the most, before he is in full fighting shape.
  • Partial Emotional Spectrum Access - Could access the Blue Light of Hope to generate constructs, according to what he desired. This power came from his father's energy abilities manifesting the ability, after exposure to Blue Lantern energies. If Ken adorns a Lantern Corps ring, his powers would not only absorb some of that specific emotional energy, but also empower him immensely by working in tandem with the "E Spectrum" energies, multiplying his power.

Hybrid Physiology

  • Super Eidetic Memory - Ken's memory is incredible, and has yet to show any limit. Ken was able to memorize and utilize the Life equation of the New 52 Universe. He has also looked into The Presence's power with his Mana Vision, and survived, learning even more magics in the process.
  • Accelerated Regeneration and Healing - Due to his newly acquired hybrid physiology, his natural regenerative abilities (capable of regrowing portions of his brain with memories intact, regrowing internal organs (unless the brain was damaged, then that would take priority first. The lost limbs, or organs would grow back significantly faster as more adrenaline entered his system) and bones, and regrowing entire limbs, but the process would take nearly a month) gained the added benefit of the advanced healing of his kryptonian genetics, causing him to heal much faster in battle, and even strengthening his regenerative ability to the point that he now only takes a day, at most, to regenerate his entire brain with the memories intact, or a limb. (His regeneration ability prevented him from dying, when he unleashed a powerful blast against a worn down Doomsday.)
  • Solar Energy Replication - As his powers evolved, Ken began to demonstrate the ability to produce his own UV radiation within the solar energy storing cells that had grown within his body, after having his genetics improved with kryptonian DNA. This ability requires that he absorb some UV radiation, so that it can be used by his storage organs to essentially cause them to function as their own nuclear reactors. This is also theorized as one of the reasons that his powers are evolving much faster than they had with his father. This ability first was shown during the course of The War of The Light, around the time Black Hand began tampering with the power batteries. He uses this power to compensate for his slowed solar absorption, and even surpass the solar absorption and metabolism of a regular kryptonian.
  • Titanic Strength - Capable of shattering planets with ease, and can destroy a couple entire galaxies with a single blow. His strength would have been that of a regular kryptonian, but an error in the exobyte that infected his genetics with kryptonian genetics caused his past strength (Base: 150,000,000 - 17,000,000,000 tons) to multiply by his kryptonian genetically gifted strength, significantly increasing his strength beyond that of a regular kryptonian.
  • Molecular Manipulation Resistance
  • Super Sight
  • Super Reflexes
  • Super Thought
  • Able to see the electrmagnetic spectrum.
  • Heat Vision
  • Microscopic Vision
  • X-ray Vision
  • Telescopic Vision
  • Infrared Vision
  • Flight
  • Able to vibrate his molecules to phase through attacks or turn invisible
  • Freeze Breath
  • Super Breath
  • Self Sustenance
  • Bio-Electric Aura
  • Super Metabolism
  • Immortality
  • Immunity to Ailments
  • Invulnerability
  • Slowed Solar Radiation Absorption
  • Super Adrenaline Rush
  • Emotional Spectrum Access - With his powers enhanced by his exobytes, Ken can access three aspects of the emotional spectrum to create hard light constructs and access their unique abilities, Hope, Will, and Rage. It was recently discovered that the exobytes did not grant him further powers, but advanced the maturation process of his emotional spectrum abilities by several years.
  • Pyrokinesis - He has recently shown himself capable of emitting radioactive flames, if he chooses. It is believed that his fire powers are evolving, like his father's did.
  • Self Immolation
  • Thermal Resistance
  • Self Detonation
  • Energy Manipulation

Mana Vision

By imbuing his Electromagnetic Spectrum and X-ray visions with magic, he can view all magical energies, and their weaknesses. This allowed him to dominate The Spectre in one on one combat.

Source Fear and Source Power Tapping

He's strong enough to induce a hint of fear in even the source, when he isn't wearing his armor, and he's not holding back. This comes from not only his power, but also his resistance to even the Source's powers. The Source had attempted to strip Ken of some of his powers, but was hurt by the backlash of energy his body directed at him. It was later discovered that Ken had tapped into the Source's power, and used it against him. He promised the Source he would not harm him, so long as he never turned upon the Multiverse, creating a truce between the two. His Source Power Tapping is limited, because of the strain it puts on his body. Ken can only tap into the Source's power for a total of 45 minutes every 7 days.

Strong Willed

Magical Prowess

Due to his desire to constantly grow and improve, he has become skilled with many types of magic, and even capable of tapping into the Source's power. This grants him protection from magical attacks. He is not immune to magical damage, but is able to resist multiple forms of magical energy manipulation, like life energy manipulation.

Ex. He can take damage from Shazam's attacks, but even "omnipotent" magical enemies will struggle against him.

This protection is even in effect when his body is destroyed.

Ex. If Ken were to be atomized, his atoms would still be heavily protected by the Source Tapping, allowing him to regenerate. Of course, he would be in immense pain, due to the massive strain.

Skilled hand to hand combatant

He is skilled in, and has mastered, many, but not all forms of human martial arts;

  • Jeet Kun Do (mastered)
  • Karate (mastered)
  • Tai Tzu
  • Kung Fu (mastered)
  • Boxing (mastered)
  • Akido (mastered)
  • Capoeira (mastered)
  • Kick Boxing
  • Lui He
  • Bokator
  • Combato
  • Defendo
  • Shippalgi
  • Kendo
  • Fencing (mastered)
  • Kajukenbo
  • The Keysi Fighting Method
  • Sambo
  • Pit Fighting
  • Eskrima
  • Bojuka
  • S.P.E.A.R
  • Nindokai
  • Systema
  • Brazillian Jiu Jitsu
  • Krav Maga (mastered)
  • Muy Thai (mastered)
  • Kapu Ku'ialua (in short, Lua)
  • Bacom
  • Jailhouse Rock (Improvisation)
  • Ninjutsu (mastered)
  • Rough and Tumble (mastered)
  • L.I.N.E.

He has also studied and mastered several alien martial arts throughout the Milky Way galaxy. Batman and Superman estimated that he has at least mastered 45 alien martial arts, besides Kryptonian martial arts.

Skilled Armed Combatant

He is skilled with almost every weapon wielding fight style on Earth

Kryptonian Martial Arts Mastery

He has mastered a couple Kryptonian martial arts:

  • Torquasm Rao
  • Torquasm Vo
  • Horo Kanu
  • Klurkor

Fluent in all Earth languages

His most commonly used are; English, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, German, Native American (Every language, yes, there were different languages), Latin, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese

Expert in every science known on Earth

His favorite fields are; Sociology, Engineering, Psychology, Chemistry, Biology, Physical Science, and Environmental Science.

Tactical Genius

Genius in Kryptonian sciences

Master of Pressure Points

Skilled in Meditation

Has become proficient with utilizing different meditation techniques to create added protection, or enhance his physical attacks.

Naturally skilled singer

Has always been an exceptionally good singer, without being taught. He's specifically good with pop, pop rock, classic rock (like Elvis), and soft rock.

Exceptionally skilled in stealth

Due to his past as a thief (age 14-17), he is very skilled with stealth, enough so that he has managed to even sneak into the Batcave undetected. He did this twice, without the aid of super powers. It lead to him mastering a variety of other skills and karate to defend himself from rival thieves.

Master Detective

Skilled writer and poet

Parkour and Free Running

Before he gained his exobyte powers, he couldn't fly, so he took up Parkour and Free Running in high school, and mastered them both. Combined with his powers, this makes him incredibly agile.

Expert Actor

Master of Disguise



Expert with Throwing weapons

He has mastered all current known throwing weapons on Earth, like throwing cards (his favorite), ninja stars, throwing knives, and kunai.



Skilled Mimic

Can perfectly mimic voices with precise muscle control, and perfectly mimic an opponents mannerisms and body language.

Weaknesses Edit

Golden Kryptonite

While it may not leave him powerless, like with regular Kryptonians, it can cause him intense pain and illness.


Though he has fought it for years, he suffer from issues with clinical depression. His powers treat the hormone imbalance in his brain, so long as they are active. However, if his powers are inactive, his depression and suicidal urges will grow worse and worse, until he gives in.

Split Personality

Due to torture in the pits of Trigon's Dimension, Ken's mind had split. It caused his kinder nature and his more ruthless nature to split apart into separate personalities, and the darker personality to become a life of its own. The kinder personality called itself Pagan, and the darker personality called itself Azifer. Pagan acted as Ken's conscience, in his fractured state, and would guide him to heroic choices. Azifer would take control of Ken's body, and use it as a tool to carry out his will. He would cause trouble for heroes and villains, even torturing Lobo on a couple of occasions, and killing him. Lobo would later be revived to carry out a hit on Azifer, which he accepted for free, but failed to carry out due to being overpowered. Pagan would eventually bond with Ken once again, and cease to be a separate personality. Azifer would take much, much longer, and seek ways to become his own entirely separate being.

Powerful Opponents

If an opponent can match or surpass his power, then they can critically wound him, or attempt to kill him.

Paraphernalia Edit

Atom Bender Suit

A suit he designed for his early hero days that highly resembles the outfit of New 52 Superman, but instead it had a golden colored harness on the front that had a magical display that showed the Superman symbol on the shield, and the metallic straps connecting between his shoulder blades. The suit helped him channel his blasts, and control his other abilities. The suit can now display a multitude of symbols, including the various symbols of the Lantern Corps. He would utilize his self-immolation ability to ignite his head, to conceal his identity.

Suppressor Suit

Due to his immense strength, Ken has to wear a near indestructible suit that he developed to suppress some of his powers when fighting. The suit can adjust within nanoseconds to his enemies, further suppressing or allowing greater use of his power in accordance to his enemy's power. This is done by scanning any genetic material from his enemy that touches the suit, and working in tandem with Ken's mind to know who the enemy is and how strong they are. This process accounts for a vast variety of powers, and species throughout the universe. The suit also monitors Ken's vitals constantly to adjust when necessary. It can also shape into any outfit that Ken desires, or expose his body, if he desires it.

Broken Qwardian Power Ring

During the War of Light, Sinestro decided to attempt to force Ken into the Sinestro Corps' ranks. He sought to control of one of, if not the, most powerful new heroes. Ken, however, fought the ring and broke it in his fist. He kept the broken ring in case he ever needs to repair it to use its power, though he wouldn't take pleasure in doing so.

Indigo Lantern Corps Ring

After years of heroic work, Ken's compassion drew the attention of the Indigo Tribe. They requested he join the tribe as an enforcer to recruit significantly powerful villains that would otherwise be too much for them to handle. When he refused, they allowed him to keep the ring, in case he ever changed his mind. He received training from Indigo-1 herself, and was made an honorary member of the Indigo Tribe.

New Genesis Warrior Armor

Gifted to him by Orion for saving his life, in case he ever needs it. The armor can withstand the force of several Supernovas, and can be summoned telepathically by Ken. It can resist magical attacks, and prevent mental domination, though stronger telepaths do have a chance of bypassing it.

Fang Necklace

A necklace fashioned for him by his sister from a fang of a powerful demon, after she killed it. The necklace has arcane runes carved across it on multiple sides. These runes were placed upon the necklace to revive him, if his powers ever fail him. He's fortified the necklace to the point of indestructibility, because it means that much to him.

Hell Fire Chain

The Hell Fire Chain was taken from a crime lord's meta-human guard to protect himself in a street fight. Ken imbued it with a fortification spell so that it wouldn't break while striking his opponents. He also imbued it with an attack spell that allowed him, while holding it, to strike significantly harder.

The Dragon's Tail

A chain constructed from kryptonian metal, and imbued with several types of fire and torture magics, and fortification spells to make it incredibly hard for even Doomsday to break the chain. Ken utilizes the chain as a whip, shield, and with some transformative magic, a sword. When he isn't using it as a weapon, it can attack opponents with its bladed tip, and block, catch,, or reflect projectiles. If lost, the chain will return to him on its own.

S.S. Prototype Armor

Ken can telepathically summon the prototype armor designed by him, the Justice League, and Orion to increase his power, and drain his opponents' during battle. This armor was even effective against an immortal, omnipotent, invulnerable, omnipresent, and omniscient god of old, who had resisted every known method of power draining, until he faced off against Ken in the S.S. Prototype Armor. The drained power and durability adds to the suits own, which has a base of 300 Centillion tons, is able to easily generate 45 Yottatons of force, can cancel out all magics the opponent uses, absorb and dissipate a multitude of energies, resists molecular/matter manipulation, and has a base speed of 1/5 attosecond. The suit can also protect the user's soul from attack by any means.

The Source Slaughter Armor

An armor currently being worked on by Ken, The Justice League, The New Gods, and Etrigan to destroy the Source (if it were to ever turn on everyone else again), without destroying all of existence. The armor is designed to withstand the source's immense power, and drain the source's power during the course of battle, while adding to its own. It is an extremely highly adaptive with a base strength of 745 Centillion Tons, while also being able to generate a base amount of 150 Quadrillion Yottatons of force, The same base levels of power in terms of defense, and a base speed of 1/400 attosecond. There is also a mass array of other powers included in the suit, ranging from weak to incredibly powerful, immortal slaying magics. The armor will take several million years for them to finish, and will only be accessible to one who has only good intentions, and will limit the user to only good actions. The armor also breaks down the source's consciousness, thus preventing the armor from gaining a consciousness of its own, while draining the source's power.

Legion Flight Ring

Gained after saving the lives of three legion members during his time in the future.

Kryptonian Power Ring

Created in case he ever lost his powers again, or needed even more of a power boost. The ring is made with 20 sheets of kryptonian metal condensed to the size of the ring, and advanced kryptonian technology that enhances his genetics specifically, as a safety measure, to add the strength of a kryptonian to his own, so long as he doesn't take it off, which requires a few steps.

Step 1: Turn the symbol 'til the point of the diamond faces him

Step 2: Recite the passcode

Step 3: Pull the symbol towards him

Step 4: After it clicks once, move it to the right

Step 5: Pull the symbol towards him

Step 6: The ring will then transform to its regular look, and slide off his finger.

Portal Disks

Disks that Ken keeps on him constantly for use to access alternate dimensions, and occasionally visit the Monitors. He's even gone to visit The New 52 universe, and has a preference for that universe, since it is more logically sound.

Crown of the Seven Suns

When worn, it temporarily enhances the genetics of the wearer, so that their physiology is significantly improved. The crown is resistant to reality warping powers.

Example: A human could take on a kryptonian, while wearing the crown.

The bad side is that it will quickly kill someone if they wear it for more than several seconds, and there is no work around. It was specifically designed that way by Ken.

Example: If a kryptonian were to wear it for more than 12 seconds, they would die.

Ken normally keeps this stored away, due to its danger.  

Notes Edit

  • Ken is a very loving husband, always doing what he can to protect his wives, and keep them happy, but he's unafraid to challenge them, if he disagrees with something. He prefers to not argue, so he'll usually try communication over yelling.
  • After the events of Origin Crisis, which exposed his body to the energies of the nexus, he would slowly begin to manifest Reality Warping abilities, like the ability to create and destroy realities, but this would take him 200,000 years to manifest, unaided.
  • Ken has traveled to multiple dimensions before, like the New 52 universe, and even alternate timelines, like the Batman Beyond timeline. It was during this time that he would have a couple relationships. He was being influenced by Azifer, and this would cause his wives to resent the being even more.
  • Ken's gained powers aren't reliant upon his exobytes, and remained intact after he lost them. This is because his unique meta-human code allowed his genetics to fuse incredibly well with the kryptonian genetics, when exposed to them by his exobytes. His exobytes were then expelled from his body, and he collected them to study. They can no longer grant anyone powers, though.
  • Ken would not normally be able to date much weaker beings (Volcana, Poison Ivy, Harley Quin, etc) due to his immense strength. Due to being immensely de-powered, during his travels through multiple universes, Ken was able to have relationships with several much weaker beings in the DC Multiverse.