Bio page has been replaced with the easter eggs active in-game in the US servers.



  • Dice mechanic: Walking into Big Boss in the open world and doing /salute emote will roll an 8 side dice and award the player with any of the following items:*
  • Finding Big Boss in the watchtower, any lair or closed space and quoting any mother base or wandering soldier from MGSV will roll an 8-sided dice; getting any number from 4 to 8 will trigger the dice mechanic.*
  • Cosplaying as a metal gear character will prompt Big Boss to salute and trigger the dice mechanic.

Dice rewards:

1- Exobit,

2- Exobyte,

3- 10,000 coins,

4- Cardboard box,

5- 50,000 coins,

6- Ceiling turret,

7- 500,000 coins,

8- 1’000,000 coins

  • Sending a tell starting with 120.85 or contacting him in the Codec channel will prompt Big Boss to help with any instance or instances for a period up to 60 minutes. (Unless he is already on a mission)
  • Sending a tell with 120.13 will cause Big Boss to tell the player a random fact, though it might also be misleading advice.
    • Dice Mechanic is limited to 3 occurrences for each prize each day and one time per player a day.
  • More Easter Eggs to be added soon!

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