Josef Vau had failed out of college, failed in relationships and was bored with life. Then he decided to join the U.S. Army. He thought being a medic would do the most good the safest way, but he did not plan on Brainiac. Once the invasion started Josef's squad was killed leaving him scared and alone. It was then that he saw a golden glowing light that was absorbed into his body. What happened next is still some what of a blur but the Brainiac constructs that killed his friends were defeated amisdt blinding golden light and he was rescued. Later Josef complained to the base doctor that he was hearing a voice, he was then discharged from the army since they thought he was crazy and in shock from the attack. He began to realize he was stronger and faster then normal but still hearing a voice in his head. With the news of people showing up with new super powers he got in touch with S.T.A.R. labs and it seemed he had in fact been infused with what seemed to be Batman or Nightwing exobytes. The voice he heard was decided by the scientists that Josef may have also been infused with exobytes from the Spectre that had become semi sentiant or some kind of symbiote made of energy that was inside him and communicating with him. It is either that or he is just crazy as the voice tells him it is an angel of vengeance and he is on a mission from God. Tests on Corporal Kett, Josef are still inconclusive. He has been sent to Batman for mentoring and further observation. He has cloak of zeal that magically protects him and his identity by obscuring his face plus a Kryptonian flexsuit along with bat-gaunlets.

Other Universe versions :

MMET101 AUDIO-PC-16-15.16.400 (2)

Hero Alpha
Hero Alpha

Faction Justice League Reserves
Gender Male
Race Human
Location Gotham


Power Celestial Holy
Origin exobyte symbiote
Movement Acrobatics
Weapon Martial Arts


Age               33

Height          6'0"

Weight         204
  • Hope blue lantern ring scanned and blue mist infused temporarily
  • close up Batarang throw
  • Looking over Gotham's streets