Name: Evalynn Taylor

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Weight: 84 lbs

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Height: 4'8

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Association: None

Personal League: None

Home City: Gotham

Alignment: Meta - Villain

Power Classification: Gadgets

Weapon Classification: Martial Arts/Staff

Movement Classification: Acrobatics


Gotcha profile 2

Gotcha Girl thinking about her parents that are no longer with her.


                Evalynn (also known as Eva) Taylor was born in Gotham City and is the daughter of two loving parents, William and Laura. Unfortunately her life wouldn’t be as lovely as her parents would’ve wanted. Her mother passed away due to a rare disease shortly after Eva’s sixth birthday. The inability to save her mother would haunt Eva nonstop despite her father’s ongoing attempts to convince her that there was nothing that she could have done to save her. Eva’s obsession would lead her to spending days locked up in her room reading her father’s books on medical practices. She was determined to not let what happened to her mother happen again. Baby blue was Eva’s mother’s favorite color so Eva’s obsession with baby blue clothes also started becoming apparent. By the age of thirteen, she had become extremely knowledgeable of the medical field and had dreams of becoming a doctor; that is until things took a turn for the worse. One night while walking home together, William and Eva would be stopped by a member of the Falcones who insisted that William saved the life of another member of this gang that had been shot while trying to escape a bank robbery.

                William did not want anything to do with the Falcones and refused but was held at gunpoint and was thus forced to comply with the demands. Unfortunately he was not able to save the man’s life which would become Eva’s death sentence. The idea was that if they lost one then so would he. Eva and William were taken on to the roof of the building and Eva would be tied up and pushed off the roof and her dad would have to watch. With her eyes closed and tears running down her face, Eva could feel her heart beating and the wind blowing against her as she began to fall to her death. She suddenly felt someone grab her and heard a young voice say “gotcha!” It was Robin who was on patrol and had noticed what was going on.  He was able to save Eva’s life but unfortunately Eva’s dad would be shot in the head after the rescue. Without anyone to look after her, Robin would have Eva stay with him keeping it a secret from Batman. She would learn that his real name was Tim Drake and would swear secrecy. During this time, Tim would teach Eva self defense. By the age of fifteen, she would became extremely skillful with the staff and could clear out an entire room in ten seconds with a pistol if needed though Eva had never killed anyone before.

                Eventually Tim became Eva’s love interest and she wanted to always be with him including when he would go patrolling with Batman. Initially Tim refused but then agreed but only when he would patrol alone. Eva would design her own costume sporting the baby blue color her mother loved so much and wearing the same hood and cape Robin would wear. Tim and Eva spent hours thinking of a bird name to give her that would go well with Robin but in the end Eva decided on “Gotcha Girl” because the word “gotcha” always struck a nerve in her after that horrific night. “Gotcha” would be what people would hear when she saved their life and they’d know that everything would be ok. Despite it being different, Tim was ok with it because of the idea behind the name and so Gotcha Girl was born.

                Gotcha Girl would accompany Robin on all his lone missions without Batman but one day Batman would run into both Robin and Gotcha Girl on their patrol. Batman was against it and convinced Robin that Eva should no longer be a part of this life. Eva’s anger towards Batman stemmed from this because in her mind, Batman was trying to take Tim away from her. Despite Eva’s obsessive nature, Tim told Eva to stay with him because he cared about her and she was also still only sixteen. Though Eva still had feelings for Tim, she didn’t want to be around him for agreeing with Batman. She would leave and live in an abandoned home on Arkham. In the basement she would build a mini hospital where she would be the care giver to anyone that should need it. Despite not having Robin with her, Gotcha Girl continued to fight crime until that fateful night.

                While on patrol, Gotcha busted a guy holding up an innocent woman at gunpoint. The woman was screaming for her life and right before the man could pull the trigger, Gotcha Girl swooped down and kicked the gun out of the man’s hand. After taking a closer look, Gotcha Girl noticed that it was the same man that had stopped her father and her that night all those years ago. That’s when she dropped her staff and pulled out two pistols and pointed them at the man’s head. The man began pleading for his life but Gotcha Girl wouldn’t put the pistols down. Just at that moment, Robin who had been keeping a close eye on her since they parted ways came and demanded she put the gun down but again she refused but this time with tears running down her face. Robin yelled at Gotcha Girl to put the guns down and that’s when Gotcha screamed “No!” and let off two shots killing the man. With tears and blood running down her face, Gotcha Girl slowly turned to Robin. Robin looked at Gotcha Girl with a stunned look before shaking it off and telling her that he was taking her in.

                Gotcha Girl asked Robin if he would really do that and he explained that he would because she’s now a criminal. Gotcha Girl began screaming at Robin saying “this man is the reason my dad is gone and you’re going to take his side?!?”. There was a long silence until Gotcha picked up her staff and said “I guess you would, just like you took Batman’s side. Well if you’re going to take me in, you’re going to have to take me on Tim”. Robin told Gotcha to not make him do this but she wouldn’t give in. Robin and Gotcha got into a heated battle, both using their staffs to try to get the upper hand on the other. It didn’t take long for Robin to land a blow to Gotcha Girl which knocked her down into the pool of blood left from the crime scene. Just then, Batman showed up much like he did when he found out about Gotcha Girl and Robins patrols. Still sitting in the pool of blood, Gotcha looked up at Batman and screamed saying "this is all your fault!". Batman and Robin began walking closer and closer to her as she began crying but right when they thought they had her, she sprayed fear gas at Batman which she had taken from Scarecrow after she had taken him down a few months earlier. Knowing that Batman would need treatment quickly or risk long term damage to his mind, she used this tactic as a means of escape.

                This led to Gotcha Girl seeing life in a whole new way. To her, the world isn’t in black and white; it’s more shades of gray. She just happens to fall along the darker shades of those gray and she wouldn’t have it any other way. The world is corrupted and so are the so-called "good" people. “Gotcha” now took on a whole new meaning. “Gotcha” will not be what people hear when she saves their lives, it’ll be what these “heroes” will hear after she lands that fatal blow. With an evil grin she’ll yell “gotcha!”.


Though small, Gotcha Girl is very skilled in hand to hand combat and uses her small frame to her advantage in battle. Not blessed with the powers that many other people attained from the exobytes, she uses her gadgets, many of which Robin gave to her. Gotcha Girls is also a very intelligent young girl perhaps even rivaling Batman. Her abilities are only limited to the things Robin was able to teach her.


Obsessive sums up Evalynn Taylor perfectly. Since the death of her mother, Evalynn has been obsessed with trying to change things she has no control over. The way Eva dealt with the later death of her father is evidence enough that she has the inability to let go. Convinced that Batman stole the love of her life from her, killing Batman has become her new obsession. In general, Eva's personality has changed drastically since her parents last saw her. Their once loving child has become a vengeful one. Gotcha Girl is emotionally unstable due to her past and is willing to kill without hesitation. As evil as she may appear, Eva's love for her parents as well as Robin remains. She is convinced that with Batman out of the way, Robin and her will be together.


  • Evalynn is a loner and has trust issues due to her tough past.
  • The Huntress has a soft spot for Gotcha Girl and hopes that someday she'll be able to get through to her.
    After a confrontation with her, The Huntress let Gotcha Girl go; something that she has kept a secret.
  • Though not a concern of his initally, Batman has become more determined to find and take down Gotcha Girl due to the threat she may pose once she older.
  • Many villains including Death Stroke and Black Mask have been on a hunt for Gotcha Girl in hopes of rearing her as their own and molding her for their own personal goals.

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