"You won't fear me? Trust me, you will. You won't obey me? Trust me, you will. You won't watch the Green Lantern Corps burn? Trust me, you will."

- Fearsome Iconic to Hal Jordan

Biographical Data Edit

Name: Unknown

Alias: Fearsome Iconic, the Disciple of Parallax

Gender: Unknown

Age: 5,400

Weight: 1,000 lbs

Hair Color: None

Eye Color: Yellow

Alignment: Secret Society of Super Villains, the Sinestro Corps

SSoSV Contact: The Joker

Hall of Doom Residence: Tech Wing, Ranx Command Center

Power Classification: Metamorphosing

Movement Classification: Acrobatic

Weapon Classification: Martial Arts, Yellow Power Ring

Fictional character biography Edit

Coming soon...

Powers and abilities Edit

Coming soon...

Physical appearance and costumes Edit

Coming soon...

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