2-Dametria collage

Dametria's Title Card


Real Name: Dametria Koritigos

Also known as: The Earth-Shaking Amazon (formerly); The Emerald Amazon

Born: May 21, 1982 (32 yo)

Place of Birth: The Greek island of Lesbos

Height: 6' 2" (188 cm)

Hair: Red

Eyes: Green; Emissive Green (when wielding her power ring)


Current Powers: Dametria counts herself among those chosen to wield a Green Lantern power ring. The ring allows Dee to make constructs of hard light, fulled by her determination and strong will.

Dametria also has the ability to fly, unlike most Lanterns, she was able to take to the skies before she received the power ring.

She posseses super strength and like most Amazon women is a master of combat. Her weapon skills include, swordsmanship; she is a grade A markswoman in archery as well as all caliber of rifles. While she is considered an expert in multiple weapons and fighting techniques, Dametria's main weapon of choice has always been the shield.

Former Powers: Upon freeing herself from one of Brainiacs many collection ships, Dametria wielded considerable geokinetic abilities. After falling to Circe however, she found herself stripped of her earth manipulation powers.