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Friday Night Legends Episode 1! Live PvP with the Replacements (League) in DC Universe Online!-0

Friday Night Legends Episode 1! Live PvP with the Replacements (League) in DC Universe Online!-0


  • Star labs police officer
  • Former collegiate basketball superstar

Group affiliation:

  • Justice League Reserve


In the events of braniacs hostile takeover, Lex Luthor- realizing he could not defeat braniacs forces- traveled into the past and granted ordinary humans amazing powers using metabyte technology. However, a young college basketball superstar named Brandon, who was on his way to fame and glory was not given any extraordinary abilities and suddenly he became quite ordinary amongst metabyte enhanced super heroes and super villians. Forced to quit his dream so he could flee with his family to a safehouse- run by his father the leader of star labs police force- Brandon's safety quickly became jeopardized when braniac forces overtook star labs headquarters and in the process took the life of his father. With his dying last breaths Brandon's father told him to protect his family and the world around them, he gave him a key code where Brandon discovered the next generation of star labs weapons technology. Now granted a battlesuit, Brandon would turn these Cataclysmic events forced upon him into a quest of heroism. Honoring truth, justice and the American way he fights crime as Cataclyzm.


Cataclyzm's superhuman abilities stem from a high-tech battlesuit of his fathers design. The suit is a steel-mesh costume that taps into Earth's electromagnetic field for a variety of effects, most notably allowing Cataclyzm a numerous amount of capabilities such as:

  • Increased strength and durability
  • Link-up and hacking abilities
  • Advanced weapons systems, including (but not limited to) beams of concussive electrical energy from the gauntlets, Cataclyzm can further increase his electrical projections by simply ionizing the hydrogen atoms in the atmosphere so in effect creating ultra-high level static discharges and having the potential to create electrical storms that have hundreds of lightning strikes per minute, he also has the ability to generate and magnify external localized electromagnetic phenomena, by manipulating intense bio-electric fields generated by his suit.
  • Increased intelligence due to the fusion of his battle suit to his neural network.
  • Aerial-discs: Thin metal plates about a foot across. They can reach speeds of Mach 1 and attain altitudes of a few thousand feet. Cataclyzm propels the aerial discs with imbalances in a self-generated electromagnetic field while steering is simply a matter of shifting his weight and position. They are designed to retract into his boots when not in use.
  • Cataclyzm can also produce highly concentrated electrical energy constructs that he utilizes into many different forms of weapons.
  • The ability to lock himself relative to the Earth's electromagnetic field. Essentially, he cancels out the effects of the Earth's rotation upon himself. This allows him to apparently "vanish," while actually being whisked westward at the speed of the planet's rotation.
  • The creation of a protective force field that dampens inertia and absorbs energy.