Aurum Calveria

Aurum Calvaria in his new form.

Name: Maxwell Anton

Alias: Aurum Calvaria

Power: Sorcery/Summoning

Weapon: Hand Blaster

Movement: Flight

Faction: Villain

Mentor: Circe

Age: 38

Nationality: American

Hometown: None – Vagabond

Current Residence: Chinatown, Metropolis

Occupation: Thief

Physical Characteristics:Edit

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 230 lbs.

Sex: Male

Ethnicity: European

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: None, Brown Beard before exobytes


Max Anton

Aurum Calvaria before his transformation.

Max Anton was not a nice guy.  He has been in and out of detention centers for petty crimes since his teens.  He will lie, cheat, and steal to get what he wants.  The night the exobytes struck, Max committed his biggest crime to date.  Working as a night shift janitor at the Metropolis History Museum, he would steal an ancient Roman artifact, the Aurum Calvaria, or “golden skull”.  After the theft, Max decided to wait the night inside a motel.  That is when an exobyte fused him with an unknown demon, causing his skin to turn blue and demonic wings to sprout from his back.  The demon, sensing the suffering Max has caused over the years, thought it would be quite fitting that the object Max coveted was forever fused to his own skull.

Powers and Abilities:Edit

Taking the name Aurum Calvaria after the exhibit that he stole, he has the power to call upon beings from unearthly dimensions and shoot demonic energies from his hands.  Sensing the otherworldly nature that resides deep within him, Circe felt it was her duty to guide him towards the side of evil.