Real Name: Classified

Faction: Hero

Alias: Arozel

Power: Mental (Telekinesis), Flight

Mentor: Superman

Race: Human (Metahuman)

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Height: 6'0

Weight: 257 Lbs.

Preferred weapon: Fists (uses a brawling fighting style)

Biography Edit

Born on Earth in Missouri, this young hero had a happy upbringing, loved his parents, his friends, and admired his best friend from afar. However, when Braniac attacked, Lex Luthor came from the future and bestowed superhuman powers on several people, turning them into heroes- and villains. Arozel allied with the forces of good, and found his best friend, Rosaeo (who by this time had became his girlfriend) and the two became partners, fighting alongside the Justice League to battle Braniac and crime. After a near-fatal experience, and a quick heal from his long-time friend, he proposed at the JLA Watchtower, and soon was married to his childhood friend. Not all was happy, however, when they soon found that his wife, Rosaeo, was pregnant with a child. Soon enough, their son came back from the future using the same technology that Lex used to give his parents a dire warning - if they don't step their game up, Braniac will kill them shortly after his birth, leaving him to be raised by a close friend of Arozel's. Arozel and Rosaeo then fight alongside their son, and battle Brainiac with all of their might.

Powers Edit

Arozel uses the powers of his mind to fight against Brainiac. He uses his telekinetic force to crush foes to bits, as well as hurl them around with his mind. He can shoot bolts of energy, as well as burn and freeze enemies. He can shield himself and his allies, and levitate several objects at once.

Flight: Arozel can fly at supersonic speeds. He is able to do this on his own, without the use of telekinesis.

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